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WordCrafters #1: Alalia’s Journey

Chapter 1. by Allison

Alalia huffed and puffed up the mountain slope, trying to keep the backpack straps on her thin shoulders. Well, no strangers so far. She supposed that hiking wasn’t too bad of a pastime, although it could never compare with reading.

Alalia Marie Celinette was shy – painfully shy, so instead of playing outside or having sleepovers with her friends, she could almost always be found in her cozy reading nook, devouring a delicious book.

Until last night…

“Alalia! Time for supper!” the voice of Alalia’s mom wafted through the kitchen doorway where she was cooking up some vegetable stew for supper. Alalia closed Alice in Wonderland with a sigh. She wished she could go through the looking glass and explore the world beyond.

At dinner that night, Alalia’s dad put down his fork and began a little speech for Alalia.

“Alalia, we know how much you love reading, and reading itself is a good thing, but you have been doing entirely too much reading and not enough other activities lately.” Alalia sighed. They had had this conversation before. “We were thinking of some activities you could do to get outside and play with your friends more often, and here are some things we came up with.” Alalia’s mom brought a rumpled list out of her pocket and began reading: “You could go hiking, horseback riding, sign up for a club or sports…”

Alalia plunked her head on the table. “But I don’t want to do any of those things. I just want to read!”

Her parents gave each other an exasperated glance. “Honey, we just talked about this! How about you just choose one of those activities and try it out for a little while. You won’t have to do them every day – maybe once or twice a week, depending on the activity. Then, if you still really don’t like it, we’ll think about it again.”

So Alalia had thought it over for a while, and then decided to try hiking, because hiking was probably the best of those choices for avoiding strangers. Now here she was, dragging herself up Mount Minley – and she hadn’t met any strangers so far!

Soon, Alalia came to a sharp turn in the path, and was faced with a decision. Right, left, or take the shortcut? Hmm… I think the shortcut. The shortcut passed close to the edge of the mountain, which gave Alalia the jitters, but she stopped and took in the view anyway.


She had decided to bring her camera along, in case walking got boring. Just then a beautiful brown spotted butterfly flew past Alalia. Alalia whipped out her camera and followed the butterfly’s path with her lens. Finally, she saw it come to rest on a pretty green vine below the path where she was standing. Then Alalia saw something else – there were dozens of little sky blue butterflies also flitting around the vine. Alalia just had to get a picture of them!

She stumbled down from the path and approached the vine. It was dark green with red berries, kind of like holly, and it trailed down over several large boulders. As she watched the butterflies, the breeze blew the vines away from the boulder, and revealed a dark hole – it looked like an unexplored cave!

Although Alalia had never been the adventurous sort, she loved caves, and as she was prepared with a flashlight, food, and water, she decided to at least peek into the cave. Who knew but that she would discover a beautiful cavern – that would be worth writing her own story about!

She cautiously stepped inside and beamed her light around the cave. It was pretty tiny – Alalia had to stoop to fit inside – but it looked like it opened up ahead. Alalia tromped on further into the cave until she reached a dead end. But Alalia could see a little ray of light peeking in from behind the wall. She touched the wall, which felt surprisingly like vines, and to her astonishment, it gave way! Alalia pushed the vines out of the way, and stepped out into a brilliant green light.

She blinked and looked around. This place was not Mount Minley. This place wasn’t even her city. This place was an entirely different world!

Chapter 2. by Misty

How could such a tiny cave serve as a portal for such a hidden world?


Alalia gaped in awe and wonder at the sight. Before her, she saw nothing but pure forest beauty. Majestic oak and pine trees loomed over her, making her feel as if she were merely an ant. Radiant beams of sunlight filtered through the branches, lighting up the worn, dirt path before her feet. Excitement coursed through the young girl’s veins, her heart fluttering rapidly in her chest.

It was like just like in the story.

Alalia pictured herself in a cherry red, hooded cape. She giggled at the thought of her chestnut brown hair in twin braids, loops of ribbon at the edges. Dainty, like a ballerina, she began to step lightly down the path. She swung the imaginary woven basket in her hand, humming an old, merry tune her mother used to sing:

Down the path, the girl does dance

Deeper into the forest, she’s cast in a trance

Clad in a little red riding hood

The basket at her side woven out of strips of wood

She twirls her skirt,

Spattering the edges with sprays of dirt

She doesn’t give a glance of care

But only casts an unwavering stare

Into the abyss of the wood

On her way to Grandmother’s house, she dances,

On her way to Grandmother’s house, she prances

Alalia faltered in her song, scorching her memory to remember what went next. Her mother’s sweet voice had suddenly faded from her mind, leaving her brain empty. She stopped in her tracks, now cast back into reality. She was still in the forest, but all she could see were the trees and the path, leading even deeper into the wood. A terrible feeling of dread began to arise from her stomach.

What if she was lost?

She turned, looking for the cave. Shockingly, the path had disappeared behind her. How could she have been so foolish? Nervously, she stretched a trembling hand and began to tug at a braid, worry creasing her forehead.



She clawed at her braid in shock, running her fingers down the smooth hair until she was tracing her fingertips over the red ribbon looped about the tips. There was an identical braid trailing down from her left shoulder.

From the edges of her consciousness, Alalia felt a sudden urge to look down.

She tilted her head downwards and her eyes beheld the beautiful, rich red dress brushing against her bare ankles. The underdress was laced in subtle white thread.

A gentle breeze blew at her face, whisking back the hood and billowing out the cloak behind her.

Little Red Riding Hood

Now, Alalia really felt like a story character.

Chapter 3. by CutePolarBear

Alalia immediately knew who she portrayed. Little Red Riding Hood! The story had been her favorite in childhood, and she had memorized the story. Alalia felt like she was acting in a movie. She knew her lines and what was going to happen next. Alalia thought of how scared Little Red Riding Hood must have felt; a wolf talked to her, after all!

Alalia, confused though she was, decided to play her character by ear. Was everything that happened in the nursery rhyme going to happen in Alalia’s case? Well, if I want to change my story a bit, then I will, Alalia thought. But for now she decided to follow the story.

Little Alalia Riding Hood pranced down the path, her little basket swinging. Alalia’s mother had told her that Grandmother, who lived in the forest, was ill and needed some assistance. So Mother Riding Hood had prepared some hot tea and healthy goodies, and asked Alalia to bring it to Grandmother. Alalia had agreed, donned her red cape, and set off toward Grandmother’s small hut.

As Little Alalia Riding Hood walked, Real Alalia grew nervous. When would she meet the big bad wolf? As much as she wanted to stick to the story, she did not care to meet a gray wolf intending to eat her and her grandmother. Still Alalia walked, and still the wolf did not come. Alalia could stand it no longer. She looked wildly around, snatched some flowers out of the ground near to the path, hurriedly made a bouquet, and started running.

Alalia ran and ran. She ran so fast that her red cape blew straight out and snagged on a branch. Alalia gasped. Grandmother had made that cloak just for her. And it was ripped! Alalia stood stunned for a moment, then big tears rolled down her cheeks.

Alalia sobbed until she gathered her wits about her. I’ll go to Grandmother’s house and see if she is well enough to mend it, Alalia decided.

Resolutely, Alalia resumed her journey. However, when she approached Grandmother’s home, her heart sank. Just as in the story, the door stood open. Grandmother must be already eaten! Alalia thought in anguish. Alalia cautiously stepped into the small door…

Chapter 4. by Nicole

There in the bed beneath the covers was a large mass. Small tufts of fur peeked out onto the pillows and Alalia swore that the lump was breathing. Frightened, she advanced towards it slowly. The mass made no movement. She stood just by the edge and reached out a trembling hand to lift the covers. Swoosh! She ripped off the covers only to reveal a tall stack of untidy pillows and blankets. Relieved, Alalia laughed out loud as she realized her grandmother just didn’t like to make her bed.

Then a thought struck her. If Grandmother wasn’t here, then where was she? Alalia searched the small home and found a small piece of parchment siting on the table. A note was scrawled in black ink across it. It read:
Gone to visit Mrs. Bear. 
She was robbed and is in distress.
Meet me there. 
Follow Toto. 
He’ll take you through the shortcut. 
P.s. Don’t forget the basket. It’s almost lunchtime!
Alalia studied the note closely. Puzzled, she rethought through the story of Red Riding Hood. From what she could remember, Grandmother didn’t have a dog named Toto. She went through the back door into a lovely garden full of curious plants and little trinkets and called loudly, “To-To!”
All of a sudden, a ball of black fur bounded from the bushes jumped right on top of poor startled Alalia! Alalia cried out as she fell. The dog licked her face and bounded around the garden on its massive paws. Alalia sat up and examined the happy creature. A chill ran up her spine as she realized it wasn’t a black dog, but a black wolf. It threw itself at her once more and licked her face before letting her stand up. Well, Alalia thought, it’s a friendly wolf. She petted it on its shaggy head before it bounded off into the bushes.
Alalia was dusting off her dress when she noticed a long scratch on her elbow from when she had fallen. Blood was smeared over the area and dirt had stuck to it. Pouting, she plopped down on a nearby bench in between several rows of exotic flowers. She glanced at them and saw peculiar names attached to their stems. Carrot grass. Toucan spice. Herbal drink. Meditation leaf. Healing flower. Excitedly, Alalia plucked a healing flower and a tiny glass bottle fell out of the center. A small tag was tied around the mouth. “Drink me,” she murmured. She unscrewed the cap and carefully tipped the contents into her mouth. A sweet vanilla flavor with a texture like pixie dust filled her mouth followed by a tropical tangy flavor. Then a bitter chocolate as the power hardened and a soft taste like apple juice as it liquified. She swallowed and looked at her elbow. No scratch–not even a trace!–was left.
She gazed once more around the garden, seeing it with new eyes. Many plants lining the pathway had curious names to accompany their curious looks. She wanted to try each and every one of them! But then she remembered that she had to meet her grandmother. She called Toto and together they started down the path. The forest surrounding them was quiet, and Alalia soon found herself staring at the road. When she looked closely, she could see the road’s original color beneath the dirt and grit: a vibrant yellow. “This place is more full of curiosities than it reveals at a first glance,” she commented to Toto. Toto doggie grinned at her as if he understood.
It was perhaps ten minutes on the road when loud sniffling reached Alalia’s ears. Together, she and Toto investigated, searching for the source of the sad sounds. Behind a clump of overgrown holly bushes sat a girl just a few years younger than Alalia. Her faded brown dress was torn and dirty and her face streaked with sweat and tears. Bright blue eyes popped out of her face when she looked up at Alalia. But the most startling feature was her bright golden hair. If there had not been leaves and twigs stuck in it, she would have been very beautiful indeed. Alalia crouched down beside the girl and held her hand. She didn’t protest. “What’s wrong?” Alalia asked sweetly.
The little girl looked at her with large terrified eyes and replied, “Many things. Too many. Is that your pet wolf?”
Alalia looked at Toto. He was gazing sadly at the girl and tried to nudge her comfortingly. “He is my grandmother’s wolf.” she replied. “Now tell me, what’s wrong?”
The little girl held up her hand and counted off her fingers. “My parents don’t want me, I’m lost in the woods, bears tried to eat me, I’m hungry, and worst of all, I’ve lost my brother Hansel!” she wailed. Tears filled her eyes and her shoulders shook with sobs as she buried her head in her hands. Alalia hugged her and sang a soothing lullaby. Finally, the little girl stopped crying and Alalia asked her what her name was.
“Gretel,” she managed to choke out, “but everyone calls me Goldilocks because of my hair.” She buried her face once more in her skirts.
Alalia was beginning to grow tired. “Listen, why don’t you dry your tears and come with me. I’m taking a basket of food to my grandmother and she’s just down this path. She’ll know what to do.” She hefted Goldilocks to her feet and the trio started down the yellow brick road. But oh, if only Alalia knew the trouble poor, confused, little Goldilocks was in, she would never have taken her down the path to visit her grandmother at Mrs. Grizzly Bear’s home, because a bear in distress can be very bad indeed.
They soon came to a little cottage. At the sight, Goldilocks froze, terror written all over her face. On the porch sat an elderly woman and a great big Mama Bear. At the sight of each other, Goldilocks screamed and ran and Mama Bear leaped over the railing and chased her, angry smoke pluming out of her nostrils. Alalia watched in horror as Mama Bear quickly gained ground on wild-eyed Goldilocks…

Chapter 5. by Addy

Alalia put her hands over her mouth to stifle her scream. Just then a figure jumped from the trees and landed in between Goldilocks and Mama bear, Mama bear didn’t stop running until the figure drew his pine green cape in front of him.
“Hold there beast!” he said. Mama bear skidded to a stop. “What do you think you are doing to this poor harmless child?!”
“She is the thief who robbed me! She stole my porridge supply that I’ve been saving all year for the winter! She also stole my husbands wood for his carpenter shop! And she stole my family’s bed linens from the line!” Huffed Mama bear. She was pointing an angry claw at Goldilocks and her eyes flared with anger.
“Surely you can’t mean that? She is just a little girl clearly incapable for that sort of thing” said the man.
“Wait! Who are you?” Alalia asked the man.
“What!? Don’t you know? I’m Robin Hood! Keeper of Sherwood forest!” said Robin gallantly.
Alalia crossed her arms “But you’re known for stealing from the rich to feed to the poor right?”
“Uh Well…ugh..That is for the good of the people who need it” Said Robin.
“Hmm..Seems to me like you’re defending Goldilocks..” said Mama bear suspiciously. Alalia noticed Goldilocks inching toward the forest. Alalia grabbed her arm “What’s wrong Goldilocks? Where are you going?” Goldilocks started twirling her hair nervously “Oh nothing, just keeping my legs from falling asleep”.
“Mama bear” said Grandmother “Why don’t you compromise? You don’t go after her as long as Goldilocks doesn’t steal from you or anyone else, how about that?”
“I will if she will” said Mama bear, giving Goldilocks a dirty look. “Goldilocks do you promise not to steal anymore?”
“I’ll try…I can’t help it” Said Goldilocks, “I’ll try very hard”
“There see! That’s all taken care of, Grandmother I have the basket!” said Alalia handing the basket to her grandmother..well in the story she was her grandmother.
“Well why don’t we have a picnic in celebration of this compromise?” said Grandmother, Toto barked happily.
“I don’t think we need to go that far” said Mama bear and Goldilocks together.
“Nonsense! Why not? Robin Hood would you like to join?…” asked Grandmother, but Robin Hood wasn’t there, they all looked around for him but he’d slipped away. “Oh well, that just leaves more food for us to eat!”

They set up the picnic on Mama bear’s porch, there were delicious things to eat like; cheese, bread, tea and some apples and peaches. They made quick work especially with the tea set which was serving them, the tea pot was teaching her tea cup son whose name was Chip to properly be Alalia’s tea cup, he did pretty well with it.
Alalia noticed Goldilocks putting extra bread and cheese in her pocket, “Why are you doing that?” asked Alalia. Goldilocks put her finger to Alalia and whispered; “I’m saving it for my trip to find my brother Hansel, when I find him we’re gonna run away to Oz and get to the wizard to ask him for help”
“Wow” said Alalia
“Would you like to tag along? I’d be glad for the company till I find my brother” said Goldilocks standing up and brushing her golden hair back out of her face.
Should I go? What if I get lost? Thought Alalia, she decided to go after all.”Well grandmother I must be going” said Alalia standing up and brushing crumbs off her skirt.
“Oh yes dear and do be careful of the candy witch, she was seen again last night in the newspaper” said Grandmother.

As they set down the trail it was starting to get dark, just as Alalia was about to tell Goldilocks they should probably find shelter for the night a delicious smell wafted into her nose. Mmm..Chocolate…gingerbread..and…cake and other delicious candy.
“Do you smell that?” asked Alalia dreamily…
“Yes..I smell it too..let’s follow it” said Goldilocks. The two girls were in a kind of trance as they effortlessly followed the smell. Alalia smelled another thing..fire? She was about to warn Goldilocks when everything went black.

Alalia woke up chained in a chair with Goldilocks who was still asleep. She looked around to find herself in a cottage made of candy. It was warm in the cottage and quiet. Suddenly Alalia heard a wicked cackle of a witch whose warty nose and the rest of her body was coming through the door.
Alalia realized they were in the candy witch’s hut!

Chapter 6. by Clara

Alalia struggled with the thick licorice that bound her to a candy cane chair, but it wouldn’t budge. Goldilocks sat next to her, her eyes huge. She turned to Alalia, and spoke in a small voice. “Little Red Riding Hood, is this where the Candy Witch lives?”

Alalia sighed. “I think it is, Goldilocks. Also, we’ve found your brother.”

A little was boy sitting on the other end of the cottage. He was stuffing his mouth full of candy. When Goldilocks saw him, her eyes lit up. “Hansel!”

He didn’t even look up, just kept eating. “Hi, Goldie. The witch here has been awfully nice to me. I like her.”

Goldilocks gasped. “No, no! Hansel, she’s fattening you up! She want to eat you! Oh, this is terrible.” She began to cry. At this, the witch stepped inside. Alalia let out a scream when she saw the stooped figure coming through the door.

The witch turned to her, and Alalia saw that her face was covered with a dark veil. She spoke in a strangely low voice. “Hello.”

Alalia’s voice shook. “Let us go.”

The witch reached up a hand and ripped off the veil covering her face. Goldie and Alalia both gasped. “Robin Hood!”

The young man smiled, then surveyed the situation with a grim face. “Come on, children. We’ve got to get you out of here.” He reached down and lifted a protesting Hansel up under one arm. “The real witch could be back any minute.”

He easily snapped their licorice bonds, and Goldilocks stared up at him with adoring eyes. “Thank you, sir.”

He bowed to her, then freed Alalia as well. He led Hansel and Goldie out the door. He turned back to look at Alalia. “You’d better hurry home. The witch won’t stay gone too long.”

The three stepped out of the cottage and were gone.

Alalia stepped out of the cottage, nervously fingering the silky fabric of her cape. She looked up, then stopped in surprise.

“Oh my….”

There, before her, was a dusty road made of bright yellow bricks. This might lead me home! She just knew it would.

Giggling, she lifted her skirts and began to skip. As she skipped, she sang: “Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road…….

Chapter 7. by Suzy

Alalia trudged slowly and tiredly along the yellow brick road. She had been walking on it for at least two hours, and she was beginning to get extremely exhausted. All of this fairy tale craziness was starting to get a little overwhelming. Alalia sighed. And this wasn’t just any ordinary sigh. This was a toes-to-head, from-her-very-sorrowful-depths kind of sigh. All she wanted to do was get home. All she wanted to do was get out of all this big mess and go back to a normal life. There were so many twists and turns everywhere that she just didn’t know what would happen next. Alalia was really starting to get pretty tired of this. As her boredom grew, Alalia started listing off all the fairy tales she had met this afternoon.

Let’s see, there was Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, Robin Hood, and right now is the Wizard of Oz. How many more will there be?? Oh, how I wish I had a good book right now.

Alalia looked farther up the road. All she could see was big green meadows with tall grass and wild flowers moving softly from the slight breeze. Once again, Alalia had a deep desire to go back home.

Well, it seems I have no other choice but to keep going.

And that’s what she did. She situated her basket so that it sat more comfortably on her arm and continued on her long trek down the yellow brick road. As she walked she started humming to pass the time.

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad…

Alalia’s humming trailed off as she saw something strange on the road up in the distance. It was some sort of green mist swirling around in a big circle. She squinted her eyes to see better, but kept walking towards it. It kept growing in size so much that she discovered it was large enough to fit a full grown person inside. As she realized this, Alalia started walking quickly towards the green mist until she was almost jogging. Her heart pumped faster and faster as her excited thoughts raced through her mind.

This is it! This is my way home! It’s just like the way I came into this crazy world!

She was still a good hundred feet away, but by now she had thrown away the basket and was full out running towards the mist with her eyes glued to it. Her chocolate brown hair had come out of its braids and was streaking out behind her. Her long legs pumped and her breathing came in quick, short gulps of air as she neared the portal.

Almost there… almost there!

Alalia was about 20 feet away when suddenly, something dark covered the portal, there was a loud bang, a blinding flash of bright green light. Alalia felt herself in the air and then all was black.

Alalia woke up lying face down on the yellow brick road. Her hair was tangled together and completely strewn into a mess. She had dirt stains and a few rips on her once-beautiful crimson dress, and her cloak had been torn off. Alalia winced in pain as she slowly rose to a sitting position and made sure she had no broken bones. There were none, thankfully, but she had many scrapes and bruises. Once her mind had cleared, she looked around.

What she saw completely shocked her.

via Pinterest

For standing there, was a boy. Usually, she would’ve thought that this boy was from another fairy tale, but he was dressed with jeans, a grey t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and black dusty cowboy boots. He had slightly spiked black hair, but it was in a bit of a mess as he looked around in wild surprise.

“Wha-??” was the only thing he managed to say to himself.

His eyes finally rested on Alalia, and he started in shock. When he got over his surprise, he came over to her.

“Who are you? And what am I doing here??”

Alalia realized that she was staring at him with her mouth open. She quickly amended that and stood up, trying to brush the dirt off herself. When she finished, she looked over the boy. He was fairly tall, around six foot, five inches. His boots, jeans, and some of his jacket were very dusty, like he had fallen to the ground but hastily picked himself up again. She looked into his eyes, and he had such a puzzled look in them. It wasn’t quite panic, but more of a mix of disbelief and surprise. Alalia answered him a little timidly.

“I’m Alalia Lark, and as for what you’re doing here, I was just about to ask you the same thing.”

He replied in a slightly shaky voice, “I’m Jacob Husty, but I don’t think you’ll believe how I got here.” Timidness gone, Alalia crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.

“Try me.”

He put a hand over his mouth as he looked around at his surroundings once again and contemplated what was happening. He took a deep breath.

“I was driving to my friend’s house to watch football, when some sort of cloud of green mist appears in front of my car. I tried to swerve around it, but somehow all I could do was go through it. There was a bright flash of light. And I found myself here,” he waves a hand over his surroundings,” wherever here is.”

It was then Alalia realized that Jacob had come through the portal into this fairy tale world just like she had.

Chapter  8. by Loren

Jacob Husty turned in a slow circle, taking in the surroundings: the dusty yellow road, the clear blue sky, and the endless fields of swaying wheat stretching to the horizon. He kicked the path with his muddy boots, asking, “What’s the deal with the road?”

“It’s the Yellow Brick Road. From the Wizard of Oz.”

Jacob stared at Alalia blankly.

She sighed. “You don’t know much about fairy tales, do you? That’s a shame, because literally everything in this world is straight from a storybook.” Alalia tugged her fingers through her tangled hair, trudging down the road.

Jacob ran after her. “I don’t know much about fairy tales, but that doesn’t bother me, because they’re for kids,” he sneered. He payed no attention to Alalia’s gasp of outrage, continuing, “But I do know this: you had a red cloak. It got caught up in that weird green mist, and I got a look at it then. This is going to sound weird, but . . . are you Little Red Riding Hood?”

She stopped walking and spun around with her hands on her hips. “I’m not Red Riding Hood –” Alalia started to say, but she was cut short by a gasp. What was he wearing?

Jacob, who had formerly been clothed in faded jeans, a gray T-shirt, and a tough-looking leather jacket, was now dressed in something absurd. Something ridiculous. He wore a three-cornered hat , an elaborate red jacket adorned in buttons and golden trim, and black breeches. A sheathed sword was strapped to a thick belt around his waist. And on top of the weirdness of Jacob’s comical getup, the world was melting away around them in a flurry of swirling colors. It looked like water had been splashed on a wet painting, making the colors run and mix together. The next thing Alalia knew, they were treading water in a warm tropical ocean.

Jacob spit out a stream of saltwater. “Where are we?” he gasped, clapping a hand on top of his hat to keep it in place.

Alalia rubbed her eyes, shaking her head. Off to their left was a crescent-shaped strip of sandy land covered in palm trees. The land rose up to a peak in the distance. On their left was a proud ship anchored in the water.

Alalia’s fingers fluttered up to her head in order to sweep her dripping hair out of her face. She was shocked to find that her chocolate hair had been woven into a loose braid that streamed out in the water behind her. Her ragged crimson dress had been replaced with a simple knee-length one. It was made of cream-colored fabric, and had long, billowing sleeves. Her feet were weighed down by tall boots made of dark brown leather.  “What –?” she murmured.

Jacob pointed toward the ship. “Let’s swim toward it,” he suggested, falling into a laid-back front crawl.

Alalia Celinette was about to swim after him when she spotted the ship’s flag.

It had a black background, with a white skull on it. Two bones formed an X behind the skull.

The Jolly Roger.

“Jacob, wait!” she cried, propelling herself toward him and grabbing his arm. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “That’s a pirate ship.”


“No, not cool!” she hissed. “Totally not cool. Before we do anything stupid — like boarding a pirate ship — let’s look at our options. And try to figure out how we got from Oz to . . . wherever we are now.”

Jacob rolled his eyes . “Option One,” he huffed impatiently, “is swimming toward that ship and meeting pirates. Option Two:  swimming to land and doing something lame. Option Three: not doing anything and then drowning.” He waved one hand above his head like an over-eager student with the right answer. “Ooh, ooh, I vote for Option One! Now let’s go!”

Jacob Husty!” Alalia shouted fiercely. Once she’d gotten his attention with some more yelling, she said, “We need to figure out how we got here, in the middle of the ocean, in these crazy pirate outfits.”

      Jacob bit his lip. “Uh, well . . .,” he began in a halting way, “right before that weird  help-the-world-is-melting thing, I was kinda thinking about pirates. Yeah.”

Alalia’s eyes sparkled with understanding. Back when this whole adventure had started, when she’d been skipping down the path in the forest, she’d felt like Little Red Riding Hood. And what had happened next? She’d suddenly found herself swinging a basket and wearing a thick scarlet cloak. Then Jacob had been thinking about pirates, and they’d found themselves treading water in sight of a ship flying the Jolly Roger. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

This world responded to their imaginations.

“Avast, ye scallywags!” someone on the ship bellowed. “Look at this. Thar are two drownin’ rats out thar!”

Pirates pressed up against the ship’s rails, peering in the direction of Alalia and Jacob.

“Set sail, mates!” a pirate with a fancy red hat (probably the captain) ordered. He waved a cruel, glistening hook at them. “Let’s get ourselves some prisoners.”

“I think now might be a good time for Option Two!” gulped Jacob, striking out for land.

Chapter 9. by Hayley

Alalia’s long chocolate braid soared through the water like a jelly fish on an adventure. She heard the muffled engines working hard to keep the small motor boats moving, as their drivers had requested. Oh how she wished she was in the flip-flopped world of fairytales she was just dreaming about. As she popped her head above the cool, fresh lake water she glanced back and realized she had drifted far from the floating boat.

Alalia wondered how she had swam so far without dying of exhaustion, since she had taken a strenuous hike just hours before. Her arms and legs, immersed in the clear, refreshing lake felt even more limp than a sticky piece of airhead after she’s stretched it. As she grabbed the boat’s platform and her airhead arms struggled to pull her petite body up, her hair flowed like a sheet of melted chocolate out of the crisp water and onto her shoulders.

“Are you ready?” her Dad questioned as she flopped down on the cream leather seat beside him.

“Yeppers!” she chirped as she grabbed her towel.

The moment Alala’s dad’s truck finished backing up the long driveway Alalia dashed inside her white cape cod house and up the narrow, winding staircase. She plummeted into her room and snagged up her drawing notebook, pencils, and eraser, tucking them safely under her arm. Before she could give any more thought to her messy room, and how mad her dad would be, she was off, yet again.

As the front door glided open, Alalia could feel the humid air pushing her back. Resisting the strong shove, she rushed out into the whirling-yet-peaceful world. When she stumbled down the side hill, she saw the chickens lurking through the swaying grass, hunting for worms to satisfy their hollow stomachs. She took a pit stop to sit and have a little chat with the squalking birds.

“Finding any yummy bugs?” Alalia inquired.

No reply came from the creatures, except a look of confusion. If only they could talk, they would be such great companions. Discouraged that the human being didn’t bring any yummy food, all the chickens were gone within minutes, leaving Alalia sitting in the bright green grass all alone.

Stretched out in solitude, Alalia remembered her potential motive–a little visit to her favorite spot in the woods.

Winning entry in the second International Garden Photographer of the Year competiton 2009. May be reproduced only with the permission of the organisers - go to press@igpoty.com

She ambled for a couple of minutes down the skinny path that her own dirty, black polka dotted rubber boots  had made from going to this spot so often. She reached her rock overlooking the marsh. A small river walked through the tall grasses where many creatures, all different shapes and sizes, liked to stop for a little break and steal a drink.

Alalia loved sketching anything she saw in this private wetland, but today she wasn’t thinking about drawing any old weed, bird, or chipmunk. She was focused on more inspiring things–the pirates, the fairytale land, and Jacob. She went back into her imaginary world as she drew the renegades, the ocean, the dress.

As her pencil started shading  under the hem, she was back in Neverland. Back into the crazy, messed up fairy tale world. Back in the water. She was swimming. This time even faster. The pirates were right behind her. She could almost touch the boat. Jacob was practically dragging her. One of the pirates reached down and…

Chapter 10. by Rebekah

I felt a meaty hand grab the soft cream-colored dress  and yank me abroad deck. I started to scream, but a hand covered my mouth. Jacob was gone! Five minutes later I found myself neatly tied up with about ten different ropes. A pirate with a big, maroon colored cap introduced himself,

“I am Captain Hook, owner of this ship and its surrounding seas. I’d like to know what you are doing in my waters?”

“Uh,” I faltered, “It’s a really long story, involving wolves, Goldilocks, and a yellow brick road.”

“What? Men, do you understand this girl?” Captain Hook asked addressing his pirates.

“No,” a few grunted.

“Well, whatever your reason is girly you had no business being in MY sea…” I’m sure he would have continued but just then I heard something, it almost sounded like a clock. “Tic, toc, tic,” it went.

Captain Hook jumped into action and began to spit out directions wildly! “Pull up the anchor! Turn the ship!”

What could that ticking be? Why was he so scared? BUMP. I felt the boat vibrate beneath me. Someone screamed, “CAP., It’s Tic Toc Croc and he’s mad!”

“Untie the girl, make her walk the plank!” Hook bellowed.

“NO, NO!” I yelled.

Could this really happen in a fairy tale?  A surge of men began pushing me toward the plank. At the end I saw a giant, nasty, green thing. It was opening its gargantuan mouth just waiting for me. I was at the edge now. I closed my eyes and jumped.

Down, Down, I went. My eyes popped open, it was dark.  I felt thick, plastic walls around me. Why was there plastic inside a crocodile? Below me I spotted a speck of light.

Humph. I fell down the hole and looked around. There I saw a strange-looking boy clad in green and, and Jacob!I cried.

“It’s me, in the flesh,” he replied grinning.

“I must be dreaming. I was just swallowed by a giant crocodile.” I said, still not comprehending.

The boy in green spoke up, “Wow, you are clueless about fairy tales. Wendy kept some secrets when she wrote our adventures I suppose. Tic Toc Croc is really just something I built to scare Hook.”

“Peter pan?” I asked still stunned.

“Sure is, I found him, right after you got captured. And so, being the kind-hearted soul I am, I begged Peter to help me rescue you,” Jacob claimed.

“He sure did. I thought he would have just about had a cow if I hadn’t said yes.” Peter Pan said.

I couldn’t believe that somebody, Jacob especially, would risk his life to save me. “Woah, thanks Jacob!”

I engulfed him in a hug. Had I just made a friend? I didn’t have time to dwell on that though, because everything began to swirl together into a blur of colors. Where would our expedition lead us next? I could only hold on and wait.

Chapter 11. by Megan

Alalia was closing her eyes when she dropped onto a hard surface. She heard a groan from Jacob and opened her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him.

“Can’t you see? This must be Cinderella’s Prince’s castle. Look! There’s a shoe!”

He was right. A huge white castle stretched up into the night sky. We were on the steps where a dainty glass slipper lay.

“Shh, get behind this pillar, I hear something!” she motioned to Jacob.

Alalia expected to see the prince come down the stairs, but instead there was a tall young man with crossed legs. He was riding on a… magic carpet?

“Phew!” Jacob whispered, “At least he’s not totally princess-y!”

Aladdin, at least she assumed that’s who he was, flew down to the glass slipper. He picked it up tenderly and gazed at it. Except he didn’t exactly gaze at the slipper itself. It was more like he gazed at something inside the slipper. Next he did something that surprised us both. He took the shoe and shook it above his hand. Out spilled a bean- a bean shimmering with glitter and glistening with beautiful rainbow colors. He took the seed and carefully placed it on the ground.

“Bippity-boppity-BOO!” he cried.

Immediately a plant sprung up. Jacob gave a shout of surprise and Aladdin whirled around. Alalia froze.

“Don’t worry,” he said kindly, “come with me. Pinocchio has given me this magical bean that will transport you into another world!”

Alalia drew in her breath. Is this ‘other world’… our world? She wondered. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was another crazy world?

“I’d rather not,” she told him politely.

Jacob stared at her and whispered, “Alalia, earth! It could be earth! Our world!”

Alalia gave in. She had no idea how she would get back to her parents. If there was a possible way, she would most definitely take it.

“Okay, I’ll come. But are you sure you will be able to take us back to this place if we want to?”

“Not sure,” Aladdin said, grinning at her, “but Pinocchio’s nose didn’t grow when he said that this,” he held out a fluorescent pink bean, “would take me back to his house. So I’m not sure, I’m positive.”

As he spoke a flower began to bloom. It was a beautiful purple flower that looked very familiar to Alalia. Then she realized why. It was one of the flowers that had been growing at the edge of the cave. She was sure that this would take her back!

Adladdin told Jacob and Alalia to climb onto the magic carpet. Thankfully it was a large one and they all fit quite well.

“Totally cool, dude!” Aladdin yelled. Then to us, “those are the magic words.”

A green mist surrounded them.

Chapter 12. by Chaespeedreader

Alalia let out a small groan at she picked herself off the ground. Falling five feet off a magical carpet was a very painful experience that she did not want to repeat again. But to her surprise, when she turned to lecture Jacob and Aladdin about pushing a girl off a flying carpet to see if the legends were true about girls being capable of flying (don’t ask), they were gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. Leaving her on a mountain to freeze to death – wait. Alalia froze. (Not literally.)

She was on a mountain, snow was on the ground and falling steadily, and yet – she wasn’t freezing. Alalia had a bad feeling about this. Slowly she raised her hands and moved them into her line of view. One dark green glove was on one hand, the other was gloveless. Alalia’s eyes widened and her breath hitched in her throat. A month ago, after reading the fairy tale; the snow queen, she had watched the movie Frozen to see how accurate it was. Now Alalia definitely could tell. She was Elsa, the Snow queen. A smile slowly slid over Alalia’s face as she removed her remaining glove. Well, if she was the snow queen, then that would mean…… She moved her hands the way Elsa had done it in the movie, and to her delight little furries appeared. Laughing Alalia began to run, playing with her new found powers and having a blast-this time literally. Alalia made a snowman, and then another, and another, until she had a small army of Snowmen and err-Snowladies trailing behind her. Singing snatches of the ‘let it go’ song-let’s just say she was a terrible singer- Alalia spun around in circles until she smashed into someone sending both of them to the ground.

“Oof!” The someone gasped, clearly sounding as if his breath had just been knocked out of him.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to run into you! You just happened to be in my way that’s all.” Alalia blurted out blushing furiously. When had she gotten so clumsy?

“It’s okay, I wasn’t watching where I was going either.” Glancing up at the boy who was too busy picking up his staff and brushing the snow out of his white hair to notice, Alalia frowned. The someone’s voice sounded familiar for some reason. Alalia had a feeling she knew who it was.

“Jacob?” The boy dropped his staff and quickly looked up at her, confusion dancing in his blue eyes which quickly disappeared into a look of delight.

“Alalia!” Flying over to her, Jacob gave her a big hug. “I’m glad you’re okay! Me and Aladdin were worried about you, we thought you had died or something like that.” Alalia grinned back at him, when she was released from the hug.

“Same here! Wait, did you just fly over here?”

“Yea! I’m apparently Jack Frost right now. Which means Flying, big staff, and frost powers!” To prove his point Jacob made a snowball and launched it at Alalia thus burying her in snow.

“Hey, no fair!” To get back at him, Alalia quickly made an ice ball and launched it straight at him, sending Jacob at least thirty feet back and almost into a tree.

“Alright, alright! I’m guessing that you’re Elsa, the snow queen!” Alalia had to laugh as she went to help him up.

“Lucky guess!”

“Hey, not my fault that my little sisters made me watch it a gazillion times!” Jacob protested in vain as he allowed himself to be helped up.

“You have sisters?” Alalia glanced at him curiously.

“Uh huh, Grace, Ruth, and Sari. Grace is four, Ruth is six and Sari is eight. Really adorable and they think they have me under their thumb.” Jacob said in a voice that clearly told Alalia that they actually did have Jacob under their little thumbs. She began to giggle and he frowned at her. “What’s so funny?” He demanded hotly.

“How old are you, to allow your sisters to control you like that?” Alalia was now laughing hysterically, rolling around the snow, completely unaware that queens do NOT roll around on the ground.

“Fifteen.” Jacob answered with a growl, unaware that the snow was falling down harder the more annoyed he became. But this made Alalia stop laughing enough to peer up at him in shock. “You’re FIFTEEN?!?!” When Jacob nodded his head yes, Alalia’s eyes widened. “You don’t look like your fifteen. That means that you’re four years older than me,” she commented wryly after counting on her fingers to make sure. Jacob gave her a slight smirk and then flung a snowball at her. It hit Alalia right on the face, giving her a mouthful of snow.

With a gasp and a splutter, before Alalia could control herself, a blast of ice came out and hit Jacob in the head, sending him back several feet into a tree. He slumped down as if dead. “JacOB!”

Chapter 13. By AnonymousA
Alalia felt all over Jacob. He was ice cold. “Oh no…” she moaned. What had she done? Suddenly one of the little snow-girls piped up.
“Take her to Mary Poppins! She will know what to do!”
“Mary Poppins? But doesn’t she live in… England?” asked Alalia warily. How was she supposed to trust this snow-girl? She had only been alive for a few minutes, after all. Before the snow-girl could answer, there was a swirl of green and blue. Alalia held on to Jacob. Then all went black.

When Alalia awoke, she was no longer on a mountaintop, nor was she wearing a blue dress and green gloves. She was most definitely wearing a pink and yellow dress with her hair in braided pigtails. Jacob was lying on a large brass bed. Alalia touched the bed. Then she realized that there was another person standing beside her. This woman had a very strange umbrella.
“I am Mary Poppins,” said the woman. Alalia smiled.
“Can you help my friend?” Alalia asked.
“Why yes, of course,” said Mary Poppins, “He will have to take some medicine.”
“Oh, will it taste bad?” asked Alalia, remembering the strep medicine she had had to take once.
“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, dear. And, while he does that,” she said, pouring some medicine down his throat, “Let me measure you.”
Alalia let Mary Poppins measure her. “Oh my. ‘Prone to flights of wild fantasy, friendless, and painfully shy’ is what it reads, said Mary. “And also, it appears to me as though you and this boy do not belong in this world. You must soon make the choice between this world and your own.”
“Oh, but Mary Poppins, please don’t make me leave! My father wants me to stop reading books-”
That was when Alalia realized that Mary Poppins was shushing her.
“I understand. But you must choose. You cannot simply have a foot in both worlds. There comes in every child’s life, a time wherein they must choose whether or not they are going to live in this world or that; and quite frankly, I do believe that it is time for you to choose.”
Alalia’s lip trembled. “I won’t go,” Alalia muttered. Mary Poppins looked thoughtful.
“You know,” she said, “Mr. Banks could change his mind; so can your father.”
Alalia pondered. He could; but will he? No, he won’t- but he might! Mary Poppins smiled. “I knew I could convince you.”
But had she?

Chapter the Last (Chapter  14). by Josie

Alalia felt confused. Mary Poppins, of all people, was trying to convince her not to go back to her parents.

Her parents! Alalia had forgotten all about them. She remembered the way that they bought her new books every year for her birthday, even when they thought she was too obsessed with reading. And her sister, Elsie. She was always bothering Alalia, but now she kind of missed it.

Silent tears streamed down Alalia’s face. She noticed Mary Poppins seemed to have vanished.

“Hey, Alalia,” Jacob said, waking up. “Are you okay?”

“You’re awake!” Alalia exclaimed.

He nodded, getting out of the bed.

“I’m so sorry I blasted you,” Alalia said, crying even harder.

“Stop crying,” he told her.

Alalia shook her head. “I miss my family, and I almost made you die!”

“Come on,” he said, hitting her lightly. “We gotta get us out of here.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah. This is getting boring. There are no more pirates!”

Alalia laughed through the tears. Jacob was back to normal, and they were going to find a way out.

Mary Poppins came back into the room. “Tea, anyone?”

“No thanks, we’re ready to go back,” Alalia chirped.

“Back? Why ever would you want to leave?” Mary Poppins asked.

That was odd. She seemed perfectly willing to take her back earlier. “I miss my family,” Alalia said as Jacob said, “I’m bored!”

“Oh, Alalia. There are new people here to be your family. And Jacob, here you can be anyone you want. You can be Jack Frost, Peter Pan, Aladdin, anyone you wish,” Mary Poppins said soothingly.

Alalia shook her head.

“No, we want to go back home!” Jacob yelled.

“Very well then.”

Mary Poppins reached into her bag and pulled out a perfume bottle. The last thing they remembered was her spraying the bottle.

“Alalia! Come back, please!” a voice said. Everything was blurry. Wait! Why wasn’t she in her bed? Then Alalia remembered the cave and hiking and Jacob and the fairytales.

“I’m here,” she said.

“Good,” Jacob said, lifting her up in his strong arms. “I thought you were… d-dead.”

Alalia smiled. “So you care.”

“I guess. Anyway, what fairytale are we in? I don’t remember the evil lady with the umbrella.”

She pondered for a minute. “That was Mary Poppins. And from the look of it, we’re in the Little Mermaid.”

“How so?’

“Oh, we just have tails and are in an aquatic prison, is all,” Alalia explained. She took a second to look down at her tail. She’d only seen Jacob’s black one (which matched the leather jacket he was wearing earlier) when he picked her up from the ground. Alalia’s was purple, with large pearls clipped to the sides. It shimmered and shone. Glowing butterflies flew around her.

“Come closer,” she whispered. “The butterflies have all manner of things to show you…”:


They looked around the room. There seemed to be no escape. “What now?” Jacob asked.

“Look up! There’s a loose board on the roof,” Alalia said hopefully.

“Oh yeah! Let’s get out of here,” Jacob said a little too loudly. A guard looked at them suspiciously, then chuckled to himself. He started swimming over. Alalia glared daggers at Jacob.

“What do you mean, get out?” the guard asked.

Alalia nudged Jacob to let him know she was doing the talking. “All we meant, sir, was that we want parole for good behavior. Oh, and I love that tail. It makes your eyes pop,” Alalia said, thinking the opposite, but not letting it show.

“Well, I’m sure you’re on the right path,” the guard said swimming away.

“You know, you’re pretty smart for an eleven-year-old,” Jacob said, meaning it as a compliment.

“Twelve now, actually.” Her birthday had passed a few days ago when she was on the pirate ship. Alalia had just forgotten with all the confusion.

Alalia looked around the hall and didn’t see any guards. “Let’s go,” she whispered and started swimming upwards. Jacob followed. They pushed the loose board, and it came undone.

“Woah,” Alalia whispered. They arrived in a room with all kinds of computers and vials.

“Our tails are gone,” Jacob said.

“Probably because we’re out of the water,” Alalia guessed.

She looked around the room. There were two monitors, one marked “Alalia Celinette” and one marked “Jacob Husty”.

Jacob walked up next to her, back in his leather jacket and dark jeans. “Your last name is really Celinette? Is your family royalty or something?”

“No, it’s just medieval,” Alalia explained. “Jacob Husty,” she added with a grin.

He rolled his eyes. “Why do they even have monitors with our names anyway?”

Alalia pressed a few keys on the computers. The footage started playing, first on Alalia’s monitor. It was back when she was hiking and first came into the new world, all the way up to when she met Jacob.

Jacob’s started to play.

He was at school. He was angry at someone, but it wasn’t clear who. Jacob then ran off the grounds and approached an odd shaped tunnel. It opened, and he went into a forest much like Alalia was in, then he fell off a cliff and landed by Alalia.

Post-apocalyptic hideout:


“You lied!” she yelled. “I thought you were going to watch some football game.”

“I didn’t know you. I wasn’t sure if you could be trusted,” Jacob said in less than a whisper, staring at the ground. “I didn’t want you to know how people treated me. Plus, you lied about your last name.”

“Are you kidding? You’re talking to ‘the shyest girl on earth’, ‘that weirdo who always has her nose in a book’, or ‘whoever she is’.”

Jacob stared at her. “Really? I mean, you’re the bravest person I’ve ever met. You know, for a girl. And your book smarts have been so useful, and I could never forget you name.”

“Thanks,” she whispered. “What about you? Why do they hate you?”

“I’m ‘that kid who lives in a trailer park’,” he said.

“I don’t care about how rich you are,” she said. “Inside you’re a great person.”

They stood in silence. “Now that that’s over with, can we start working on getting home?”

“Do you really want to leave?”

“Not really. I like it here. I just want to get you home, and I can stay here,” he told her.

Alalia looked at him strangely. “No, you have to come back with me!”

“Give me one good reason why.”

Alalia looked around the room and found a vial. “Maybe because every time we change fairytales they steal part of our energy.”

“What?!” Jacob asked. “Well, maybe I don’t care.”

“If you stay here, you’ll die.”

He sighed. “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

“Good. Now how do we leave?”

Heavy footsteps came into the room. “Well, look how smart you are, Alalia Marie.”

“Don’t call me that, Jacob- oh,” she said, looking behind her at the figure. It was tall, with black hair, red lips, and pale skin.

Jacob stood in front of her. “Who are you?”

“Some call me Snow White. Some call me a sea witch,” she said.

Alalia gaped. “Snow White is Ursala?” She moved away from Jacob, approaching her closer.

“Yes. The prince decided to leave me, I used one of my stepmom’s disguises to turn me into a sea witch, so I could marry Lily’s- who you may know as Ariel- prince,” Snow White explained.

“What now?” Jacob asked.

“I think I know,” Alalia whispered. “Follow my lead.”

Snow White looked at her closely. “You’ll never leave.”

“Guess what? I’m not lonely, my parents love me, and I’m not stupid for reading.”

“What are you doing?” Snow White shrieked.

“When I came into this world, I felt lonely, unloved, and stupid. If I feel the opposite, I can get out.”

Jacob brightened. “I’m awesome-”

Alalia rolled her eyes.

“If this is the end,” Alalia said. “I’m glad I got to meet you.”

“Me too,” Jacob said, giving her a hug as he started to fade away.



Everything went black. Alalia was back in her bedroom. In front of her was a book. She flipped through the pages, and it contained the story of the fairy tales and all the people she had met in her crazy adventure. Alalia smiled.

“Alalia! Come out here! Your cousins are here to visit!” her mother yelled. Alalia ran out to the living room. “These are the Hustys.”

Jacob, his three sisters, and his parents were standing in her living room.

“Hi, I’m Alalia,” she said. Jacob walked up to her.

“Woah, we’re related? I did not see that coming,” he whispered. Alalia laughed.

Everyone was talking. Her mom was serving pasta. After dinner, she showed Jacob the book.

“Wow,” he told her. “We’re in a book!”

“No, just this one,” Alalia said. “It changed after I came back.”

Jacob was reading the story. “Dude, that’s crazy. Anyway, we’re moving a few blocks from here. In a real house.”

“Awesome,” Alalia said.

“Yup. And now I have a secret to share with my cuz.”

Alalia smirked at hum. “Yeah, just don’t tell anyone about this. Especially my parents.”

“What if it was just a dream?” he asked.

“That we both had?”

“Yeah.” She rolled her eyes.

That night, Alalia couldn’t sleep. She felt braver, somehow. Maybe she could have friends. But either way, she still knew she would always, always have her nose in a book. She wondered if all fictional stories had actually happened. But she would never look at a book the same way again.


Wasn’t that great? Wonderful job, everybody – thanks SO much for participating! We’ll have to do it again sometime. 🙂



102 thoughts on “WordCrafters 1

    1. Yep! That’s fine. My part was 728 words. 🙂 But you probably shouldn’t make it so that the story is about to end, because there are still a lot of people that have to write their chapters. Thanks for asking – I can’t wait to read it!

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    1. I know, right?! Aww, I’m sure your chapter will earn our approval, Hayley. 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! (You know it’s your turn to write, right? Ha ha! Write right. XD I just wanted to make sure you knew.)

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  1. Oh, Allison, I noticed that your chapters got a little messed up after Clara’s chapter. You skipped chapter seven. So Suzy’s chapter is supposed to be chapter 7, Loren’s part chapter 8, etc.


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          1. Yes! I wondered about that… I changed it now. 🙂 Nope, you’re not being picky – I kind of felt like that when I was asking you about things. 🙂 Yeah! We should totally do it again! Maybe even sooner than winter… 😀

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  2. That was amazing! I loved the ending! A round of applause! *claps hands in a circle* I hope you do another game like this sometime again, Allison and Josie! I absolutely loved it.

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  3. Oh! I also forgot to ask. I’m a little new at blogging, (I’ve had my blog for three months now), and I was wondering if I should comment (when I’ve finished my chapter) put in a link to my post.


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  4. Hi again! Sorry to be commenting so much but as soon as I post my comment I think of something else to ask/suggest. Um… oh! Yeah, I forgot what I was going to say! I have a suggestion for publishing Wordcrafters and making it into a book! There is a website called blurb.com. You could check it out and it helps you self publish a book for pretty cheap! I calculated and if you published one hardcover book of about 100 pages, it would cost around $40 (approximatly $34.14 not including shipping costs.) I think that Wordcrafters would be an awesome book that people would love to read!

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  5. Just wondering…
    Allison, do you think we could edit our Wordcrafters story a bit and possibly consider publication of a sort? It’s wonderfully written, and the storyline is so creative! If you have any ideas, I’m totally available to help out. 😉 Just a suggestion!

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    1. Yes, several people have actually suggested that! I’m actually working on editing it already, but I didn’t finish because Josie and I have a grand plan for WordCrafters 3 that will… well, I’d better not say much about it or Josie will be furious. XD XD But anyway, I was thinking of combining WordCrafters 1, 2 and 3 into one book. (Like Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 or something.) Thanks so much for commenting!

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      1. Or even like having chapters, but all in one book, and there could be a PART 1 and PART 2 and part 3..but they ALL have chapters!!!! 😀 Wait…does that mean that Alia and Jacob are in the next wordcrafters, Allison??

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  6. This is the first time I actually read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!! That was CRAZY!!!!!!! :O I loved all of the parts! Megan’s and Suzy’s were especially nice! 😉 But they were all great! !! ALLISON, YOu could TOTALLY make that into a book! REALLY!! That was SO good and cooL!!!! You had me almost laughing at some parts, and sad at others!!!!! 😀

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  7. OOH OOH OOH!!! ALLISON! I just had an idea! What if during the trek, Alailia (or however you spell her name! XD) brought a book, and Pippin grabs it or something and after reading it a while he realizes that it’s about THEM!!! And the second wordcrafters where they went only with different names or something!!!! Wouldn’t that be funny, because the first ones were in Alalia’s book, so if Pippin, Vivi, and Esme were in a book they didn’t know about, that would be funny too!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe???? I can maybe write about it in my part if that’s okay with you!


    1. Ooh, that sounds like it might be neat! Only… I’m a little confused. XD So Alalia buys a book in WordCrafters 1 and it’s about WordCrafters 2 which hasn’t happened yet when Alalia buys the book? Is that it?
      Anyway, sure – you can write whatever you want! (Well, as long as it doesn’t have anything inappropriate or the stuff mentioned in the rules, you know. 😉 ) But yeah, feel free to do whatever plot twists you want!

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      1. 😉 Haha! Okay! No no no! XD
        Just… okay, so in WordCrafters 3, the one right now, Pippin grabs a book that Alalia said is one of her favorites that she would be so sad if it got stolen or something and she took it on the journey to go find P. charming! Pippin takes it as a joke to scare her, but when he opens it up to see why she likes it, he ends up reading it, and realizes that it tells the story about Vivi, Pippin, and Esme delivering the dragon back! He’s of course shocked, as is Alalia, because she didn’t think it was about anyone, and there were different names in the book, so she didn’t know it was her new friends! Does that make any more sense?? Just since the end of WordCrafters 1, the book changed to be their story, one of Alalia’s books, told her story with the stuff, and then she said “I wonder if every story in a book actually happens” soooo…. one of her other favorite books was about their story!
        I don’t know, I just thought it might be funny to put there! Does it still not make sense? It doesn’t really matter that much…. 😉 anyways.


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