WordCrafters 3

List of participants:

  1. Allison/Josie
  2. Nicole
  3. Megan
  4. Zielle
  5. Mahriya
  6. Hope
  7. Mercury Vivian Eliza
  8. Charis
  9. Mirra
  10. Sarah
  11. LydiaFinn
  12. EnniMorgan
  13. Silver Wisp
  14. Lainey
  15. K. A.
  16. Mukta
  17. Allison/Josie

Plot Outline:

It all starts with a mysterious note tucked inside a seashell. What could it mean? Who could it be from? And could it be time to go back? Five friends, Pippin, Jacob, Vivi, Alalia, and Esme work together to solve the mystery, and come up with a surprising solution: What if Snow White’s prince, Prince Charming, was working on constructing a portal between the human and fairytale world, but he got stranded in the human world and couldn’t get back to Snow White? If the five friends could find the rest of the notes, perhaps they could build their own portal to bring Ariel back to Fairyland – and maybe even Prince Charming with her.

Thus begins the biggest adventure so far as the children track down pieces of Fairyland hidden in the human world. But unbeknownst to them, there is danger lurking in the shadows – banished convicts from Fairyland that will do almost anything to get their hands on those mysterious notes. If this is a fairy tale, where is the happily ever after?


Alalia Celinette

Alalia (533x800)


For Alalia, books are her life. Most of the time Alalia is quiet, but her mind is always observing things, imagining things. She is shy, stubborn, tender-hearted, creative, and loves reading and writing. Alalia is of average height and weight, with straight brown hair, blue eyes, and olive skin. She is thirteen years old.

Jacob Husty



Jacob is always up for an adventure. He loves any activity that gets your heart racing. Jacob is helpful, caring, and kind, especially to younger kids. Jacob is a bit over six feet tall, has messy black hair, dark brown eyes, and medium skin. He is sixteen years old.

Esme (Esmeralda) Kokani



Esme is gentle soul. She is kind, tender, and affectionate, but also a bit fragile and proud of her beauty – she doesn’t like getting her hands dirty or her dress torn. Although she is easily frightened and often cries about small things, in true trials she is amazingly strong. Esme is small and slender, with long, straight black hair; dark brown eyes; and creamy skin. She is eleven years old.

Vivi (Vivian) Brown:

Vivi at last! My favorite picture of her.:


Vivi is always on the go. She is athletic, outgoing, and very smart, but sometimes her strong nature gets the better of her and she becomes bossy and overbearing. Vivi is also hot-tempered; she very rarely cries, but easily gets angry. Vivi is short and wiry, with shoulder-length, wavy blond hair; gray-blue eyes; and tanned skin. She is thirteen years old.

Pippin Merlin:

Character Inspiration: Pippin?:


Pippin is always ready with a grin and a laugh. He is easy-going, funny, and loyal, but he sometimes unintentionally hurts people with his frank comments, and is always accidentally getting himself and others into trouble with his lighthearted pranks. Pippin is tall and lanky, with curly red hair; twinkling hazel eyes; and freckled skin. He is sixteen, almost seventeen years old.


Chapter One {by Allison and Josie}

Esme was having a wonderful day. Little waves nibbled at her toes, sun rays warmed her back, and the seashell she had found felt cool and smooth in her palm. Vivi was sunbathing on her beach towel a few feet away, and Pippin… Esme shook her head and smiled. Pippin was sneaking up to Vivi with a pail of freezing ocean water. He beamed Esme a mischievous grin and dumped the bucket over Vivi’s head.

Esme had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. Vivi scrambled to her feet, spluttering with rage and surprise, and ran after Pippin, yelling and threatening to dunk him in the water if he so much as touched her again.

She heaved a happy sigh. Life was good.

Esme settled back into the sand and took another fond look at her seashell. It was perfect, spiraling around and around, each spiral smaller than the last. It reminded her of a giant, periwinkle snail shell. She turned the shell over to gaze into the pearly opening. Suddenly, she gasped. Her eyes widened. She shook the shell, tapped it gently on the ground, and finally reached inside with her slender fingers and pulled out a scrap of paper.

“Pippin, Vivi, come quick! Look what I found!” she called excitedly.

They halted the chase and trotted obediently over to Esme.

“What is it, Esme?” asked Pippin. In answer, she handed him the scrap.

Pippin frowned and read aloud, “‘Item 7: fourteen mermaid scales.’ What on earth?”

Vivi snatched it from him, “Wait, and there’s something on the back: ‘Operation Portal Icxylwocig, property of P. Charming.’”

The three friends looked at each other with wide eyes. Was it time to go back?


Alalia was having a wonderful day. She and her cousin Jacob were testing out his new boat, the “Captain Hook,” at the beach. A stiff breeze filled the sail and they skimmed gracefully through the water. She leaned over the side, trailing her hands in the cool water, and…

“JACOB! Come look!”

Jacob started in surprise. “What on earth, Alalia? You nearly knocked me overboard!” Jacob rolled his eyes, but grinned good-naturedly. He made his way over to her side of the boat. “What-“ He left the word hanging as a flash of green and red flew under their boat. He rubbed his eyes. Alalia blinked.

There it was again – a long, green, fish-like tail, with red hair was streaming out above it.

“A mermaid,” Alalia whispered.

They looked at each other. Could this mean what they thought it did?


The next day Pippin, Vivi, and Esme all hurried back to the beach. They scoured the shore for more notes, leaving no shell unturned.


Finally the three of them plopped down on a rock, discouraged. Two other teenagers were walking in their direction, chatting intently about something.

“I’m just sure it was a mermaid,” the girl was saying. “What if it was Ariel?”

The boy shook his head. “I dunno. I mean, if it’s really her, why is she in the human world and not in Fairyland? I realize we didn’t see her when we visited but-“

They both stopped short when they noticed the three children listening to them with wide eyes and open mouths.

Vivi spoke first. “Are you guys talking about… mermaids?”

The two teenagers looked embarrassed. “Oh… um, we were just…”

“And something about Fairyland?”

“Well, we-“

“So we aren’t the only ones!”

The boy looked startled. “Wait, what?”

Pippin hopped off the rock and held out the mysterious note. “Have a look at this. We found it yesterday in a shell.”

A look of recognition flitted over the girl’s face. “Icxylwocig. I saw that on a sign in the forest, when I first came through the portal.” Then she caught herself. “Oh, I mean…”

“Really? You guys went through a portal?!” Vivi was excited now. “So did we! Well, kind of. See, one day we found this huge, weird-looking egg…”

And with that, everyone started talking at once, racing each other to tell their wonderful adventures.

After many words and tales and names were exchanged, the five children felt like they had been friends for years. It was easy to become friends with the only other people in the world who understand your biggest secret.

“But now we need to figure out what this note means,” Pippin said, getting back to business. “It could be some sort of portal instrument or something, to take us back.”

“Or maybe it has something to do with our mermaid sighting? You know, the part about the mermaid scales?” Jacob suggested.


Esme had been listening quietly to everyone else’s talk, until at last she spoke up shyly, in her soft voice: “I-I have an idea.” Everyone turned toward her expectantly.

“Well, you know how it says, ‘Operation Portal Icxylwocig? And the mermaid scales section sounds like part of a recipe. Maybe P. Charming, whoever that is, was trying to make a sort of recipe for a portal to get to Fairyland?”

Everyone nodded their heads thoughtfully.

“Yeah, and you need mermaid scales to make it!” Alalia jumped in. “And maybe the ‘Item 7’ part means it’s the 7th ingredient or something.”

Vivi jumped up suddenly. “Guys, wait. What if we found all the ingredients and made the portal ourselves? Then if that really was Ariel that Jacob and Alalia saw, we could take her back to Fairyland, and everything would be perfect!”

At that, everyone started talking excitedly.

“HOLD IT!” yelled Jacob. “Does anyone know a P. Charming? If we could find him, maybe he’d give us the rest of the notes.”

“But if he knows all the ingredients, maybe he’s already made the portal… maybe that’s how I got to Fairyland in the first place,” Alalia pointed out.

Everyone was silent for a moment, thinking.

Suddenly Esme’s face brightened. “Oh, I just remembered! We have Katri’s diary! Maybe there’s something in there about portals!”

“Brilliant!” Pippin shouted in delight. “Let’s go check!”


Precious minutes ticked away as Pippin, Vivi, and Esme introduced their new friends to their parents, but finally the five children were safely in the girls’ bedroom at the beach house. Esme held out a violet leather journal studded with glittering stones.

Jacob wrinkled his nose, “Ew, you can tell that’s a fairy’s diary. Look at all that purple sparkly stuff.” Everyone laughed. “So are we going to read the whole thing or what?”

Vivi frowned. “Nah, that would take way too long. Here, I’ve read the first entry already, so I can just give you a summary while Esme looks for the entry about portals.”

Vivi cleared her throat with a mock-serious expression, and began. “So Snow White got banished from her home in Fairyland after she herself banished Ariel, Katri’s sister, out of jealousy.”

Jacob snorted. “Number one, how can a mermaid be sisters with a fairy? And number two, she banished her out of jealousy?”

Vivi sighed impatiently. “Number one, I am not an expert on family relations in Fairyland. I don’t know, maybe one of them was adopted or something. If Katri wrote in her diary that Ariel’s her sister, I’ll go with that. And number two, yes, she did. Because Ariel had married her prince while Snow White’s prince, Prince Charming, had suddenly disappeared one day and never returned. No one knows why. Snow White was so heartbroken and jealous of Ariel’s happiness that she banished her – she only meant to move her to a different province, but her plans went awry. Now Katri, her father, and Snow White all want Ariel back, but the problem is, they don’t know where to find her. They think she might be in the human world, but if so, they can’t go and get her. Residents of Fairyland are too obvious in the human world, and plus, there are other physical complications of adjusting to a different world. That’s why we all went to Fairyland – they wanted to force us to find Ariel, but we escaped before they could make us do it.”

“So do you think they sent us the note on purpose, to take us back? No one else but us could figure out what the note meant,” Alalia said.

Pippin shook his head. “Nah, because how could they know we would find that specific shell?”

Jacob nodded. “Good point. It’s still a little weird, though.” He looked over at Esme. “Did you ind anything yet, Esme?”

“Actually, yes!” Esme smiled. “Here, Vivi, you can read it.”

Vivi cleared her throat and read…

Dad says portals to other worlds must be made with resources native to that world. For instance, if I wanted to make a portal to the human world, I would need wood, nails, and other human things to make it. So for Prince Charming’s portal to work, he has to take some ingredients from Fairyland to the human world and build it there. I don’t know why he thinks it’s worth the risk – what if he gets an ingredient wrong and gets stuck in the human world forever? I personally never liked Flynn Rider that much anyway, but I guess he and Charming were pretty close friends. Rapunzel just isn’t the same since he’s gone missing, and I’ll admit it’s quite heroic of Prince Charming to try to rescue her dear husband.

“Woah, now everything is starting to make sense,” Vivi said. “So Prince Charming must have been making a portal to get his friend back to Fairyland, but he messed up his recipe and the portal didn’t work.”

“GUYS! I have it!” Alalia shouted. “Why didn’t we think of this sooner: P. Charming is Prince Charming!”

Everyone blinked. Oh, duh.

Jacob got to his feet, rubbing his hands together. “Well, now that we’ve got all this figured out, let’s go make the portal and save everyone!”

Vivi looked at him scornfully. “You can’t just do that, Jacob. What about our parents? And how are we going to find the other notes? We don’t even know if there ARE other notes. We need to get prepared, first. We’ll need food, and water, and some way to make shelter, and-”

“That’s our girl,” grinned Pippin, poking Vivi. “Always prepared.” She glared at him.

Esme, who was still leafing through the diary pages, suddenly jumped up and shouted, “EUREKA!” Then she blushed and lowered her voice. “Oops. I mean, look what I found!” She had opened the journal to a page with a list of ingredients.

Prince Charming’s portal is coming along pretty well. He even told me what he has so far. (But it’s top secret, so don’t tell anyone, diary. Ha ha.)

  • Item One: Oak wood
  • Item Two: Generous amount of fairy dust
  • Item Three: Stepping stones
  • Item Four: ???
  • Item Five: ???
  • Item Six: ???
  • Item Seven: ???

I sure hope Prince Charming’s expedition goes well, because if he can’t find the right ingredients, he might never return.


Chapter 2, by Nicole

Esme bit her lip, the last words in the entry silently rolling through her mind. He may never return. It was definitely a bad omen. “I think we should start searching for Prince Charming as soon as we can. It sounds like things might have gotten a little out of hand.”

Vivi snorted. “You could say that again. But seriously, we can’t just take off.”

“Agreed,” added Pippin. “That would be silly because we don’t have wings.”

Vivi smacked him on the head with the diary. Purple sparkles rained down on Pippin’s hair and face like a glittery fairy dust shower. “Ouch! That stuff hurts, you know!” he exclaimed.

Alalia and Esme giggled. “Anyways,” Alalia said, “is there anything else in there that might be useful?”

Pippin tried to shake the glitter out of his hair, but it plastered itself to his forehead. “I feel kind of funny.”

“Um, let me check.” Esme took the diary back from Vivi and began leafing through the pages again. “There’s stuff on her, I quote, ‘highly boring life’ at the castle, some things about new potion experiments, and info about a royal tea party that one of the princesses is holding. She mentions some sort of sleeping tea thing.”

Meanwhile, Jacob was examining the shell and the note. “What do you think the other ingredients could be?”

“I don’t know,” Pippin grumbled, “but this freaky glitter stuff won’t come off!”

Vivi glared at him. “Pippin, we don’t need your complaining right now. We’re trying to be serious and you’re making that super hard with all that fidgeting and—WILL YOU PLEASE STOP THAT!“

“I swear, I’m not doing anything!” he shouted back. He swiped at the glitter in his hair again, but it only fell onto his clothes and stuck there. “This stuff is like glue!”

“That’s not what I mean.” Vivi shouted back. “Stop trying to trick me into thinking you’re floating! The wings joke wasn’t even that funny.”

Everyone looked down at Pippin’s feet. Their jaws dropped open. He was sitting Indian style, but somehow he was hovering a couple of inches above the carpet—and his feet were not touching the ground.

“Um, that’s no joke, Vivi,” Alalia whispered.

“Dude, how did you do that? It’s plain freaky,” Jacob said.

Pippin looked down at his lap and ran his hands underneath him. All he could feel was carpet. He was indeed floating. And he felt lighter. Or was he just getting lightheaded and had started hallucinating? “I don’t know. I told you I started feeling funny after Vivi smacked my head with the diary. See, Vivi? You injured me!”

Vivi rolled her eyes. “Well, your tongue is still working, so I think you’re fine.”

Alalia leaned over and pinched some of the glitter out of Pippin’s hair. She sprinkled it on her palm, then flipped her hand over. The glitter stuck fast, but a tingling feeling started to creep up her fingers. “It’s the dust, I think.”

“I don’t get it,” Jacob said. “How can some purple glitter make Pippin suddenly levitate?”

“Oh, I have a theory that he can do more than just float now. Pip, can you stand up and do a couple of jumping jacks?” asked Alalia.

Pippin shrugged. “I guess.” He stood up and began doing jumping jacks, but instead of falling back down like he normally did, the more he jumped the higher he began to rise. Soon his head touched the ceiling and his feet dangled just above everyone’s heads.

Esme gasped sharply. “Pippin, come down now! You might hurt yourself!”

“I’m fine, Esme. This is weird!”

Alalia pinched her lower lip thoughtfully. Her face suddenly lit up and she clapped her hands together. “I’ve got it! The glitter on Katri’s diary is actually pixie dust. Remember Peter Pan? He could fly using pixie dust that Tinkerbell gave him.”

Everyone clamored over the discovery. Alalia beamed but hid her face shyly. Pippin floated down from the ceiling and sat back down on the floor, but he had to grip the rug so he wouldn’t float away.

“Guys, fairy dust is on the ingredients list.” Vivi pointed out the lumpy scribbling on the diary page to prove her point. “Do you think pixie dust would work for it too?”

“It should, because aren’t pixies just little fairies?” Jacob asked.

Esme shrugged, pinching her fingers together. “Technically, although I think there’s a little bit of difference in magic. I think pixie magic is a little more potent.”

“As demonstrated,” Pippin chirped.

Vivi twirled her finger around her hair and stared at the diary page intently. Fairy dust…pixie dust…’generous amount’… more potent…flying powers….bingo. “If the pixie dust is more potent than fairy dust, we should be able to use less than specified in the recipe. That means we can use the rest for flying. That means—“

“—That we’re going to build a portal and rescue Prince Charming,” Jacob finished.

Vivi winked. “Bingo.”

“Sure, but how are we going to explain all of this to our parents?” Alalia said. Esme nodded her head in agreement and chewed her lip.

Everyone exchanged glances. Vivi sighed and yanked the ends of her hair. “I guess we don’t have that part figured out yet.” The mood deflated. Pippin even sank a little bit more towards the ground.

Esme returned to the diary and began flipping through it again. Something was forming in the back of her mind, but half of her was trying to crush it. What if it didn’t work? She went back to the entry about the tea party. In the bottom corner of the page were the black scrawls, “continued on page 47.” The pages crackled as she turned them. Finally, she found page forty-seven. Tucked in the crease of the diary were four blood-red rose petals that Katri had pressed. Out loud she began to read.

“Dear Diary—

The party was splendid! Princess Aurora was so beautiful, although I must admit that at first I wasn’t so sure about the pink dye in her hair. I asked her where she got it and she just smiled and said it was a gift from someone special. I guessed she meant her husband, but when I asked her she told me it was from somewhere more sophisticated than what our world has to offer. I have a slight suspicion that it might have been Maleficient, the dark fairy. She was banished several years ago after Aurora woke up from her sleep and married Philip. Aurora didn’t want her to go, because she felt bad about her not getting invited to her birthday celebration anyways, but no one else wanted her to stay. There was also a rumor that Maleficient wanted to ‘start a new life’. Of course, all this happened when banishing portals between other worlds were still in use before the accident with Ariel.

That’s enough chatter about her. More about the décor. Aurora had the most splendid roses! They smelled absolutely divine, and when I asked her about them she said she grew them herself with some seeds from Princess Belle. She said that the soil around the castle is still contaminated with sleep spell, so she boils them and drinks the tea when she can’t sleep at night. Just a few petals can knock out a whole kingdom for a week! She also said something about starting a line of medical products with them, but I was more interested in sneaking some roses out to use for later examination. I pressed the petals here to use in potions.

But I must explain how pink the room was….”

Esme trailed off and picked up one of the petals. Holding it up to her nose, she inhaled deeply. Immediately she began to feel lightheaded and dropped them back on the page. “I think I solved our problem. We just make tea out of these and give them to our parents.”

All the others looked at her with wide eyes.


“I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth,” Vivi laughed. “But it makes sense. Sure it won’t kill them? A week is a long time to be asleep.”

Alalia plucked one of the petals off the page and fingered it gently. “Aurora survived for a hundred years and didn’t change, so I think a week is good.”

“So here’s the plan,” Jacob said. “We give our parents the rose tea, fly away, find all the ingredients, make a portal to Fairyland, and rescue Prince Charming. Right?”

“Yeah. But where are we going to start searching?” Vivi asked.

Esme suddenly dropped the diary and ran out of the bedroom. When she came back, she had a large eye shadow palette in her hands. “I just thought of something. See this palette?”

On the front of the palette were golden letters that spelled, “The Fairytale Palette: look Magnificent, by Dark Fairy Cosmetics.”

Esme rushed on. “There’s only one place that sells hair dye out of the three worlds, and that’s ours. The diary entry said that Maleficient was banished. Get it? They banished Maleficient here and now she’s selling cosmetics as her ‘new life’ If anyone here knows anything about magic portals and lost princes and princesses on earth, it’s her. We need to find Maleficient and speak to her. If we’re lucky, she might even have some of the ingredients we need to make the portal.”

Everyone let out a long “oh” simultaneously.

Jacob rubbed his hands together. “So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to go makeup shopping. Don’t you girls want to impress your Prince Charming?”

They all groaned.

“Just kidding,” he laughed. “But nose goes for the poisoning of the parents.”

Everyone’s fingers flew to their noses except for Alalia. She groaned. “Can we at least not call it poisoning? That makes me sound like a villain.”


An hour later, with all the parents slumbering comfortably on large armchairs or beds, the five kids stepped out onto the beach with the diary tucked inside a backpack hanging from Vivi’s shoulders. It also held a bag of purple pixie dust scraped off the cover, a large box of granola bars, and bottles of water. Pippin, who was still flying, sprinkled some of the leftover dust over everyone else’s heads. They rose, their feet first leaving the sand until they were hovering a foot off the ground. “This is it!” Vivi whooped.

With Pippin leading the way, they flew up and away over the waters in search of the next clues. Maybe they would have waited a little longer if they had noticed the storm gathering behind them. And maybe they would have just stay put if they had seen what was causing the storm. But they didn’t.


The fiery emerald eyes of the villain flashed wickedly. Soon, thanks to these mere children, the portal would be created and Fairyland would be hers. Lightning split the sky and thunder rumbled dangerously, hiding an ominous laugh that had often caused the hearts of many to turn to ice. Looking down under the water, she smirked at the little redheaded mermaid swimming around and around her cage.


Chapter 3, by Megan

The five flying children were debating about whether to search for oak wood or stepping stones when a bolt of lightning illuminated the slowly darkening sky. They all cringed when thunder crashed in the next instant.

“I suppose it would be unwise to go back now?” Jacob asked as they all turned to survey the storm approaching them.

“Well we’d be heading into the storm, so I’m going to say yes, that would be unwise. You can’t even see the beach anymore!” Alalia said.

“I’m shore we’re not that far away from land,” Pippin said. “Get it? Shore? Like the seashore?”

Everybody but Vivi chuckled. She was about to reprimand Pippin when she heard a splash. She turned around to see Pippin flailing in the water.

“Hey guys, look at this!” Pippin said, flying back into the air and then diving into the water.

“Pippin, now is not the time to show off.” Vivi said sharply.

Pippin stuck his head back out of the water. “This pixie dust stuff lets you breathe underwater!”

Vivi dove into the water and popped back up moments later. “Wow Pippin, for once you’re actually right! The air tastes kind of salty, but you can breathe perfectly fine down there.”

Jacob and Alalia jumped in when they heard that, and Esme joined them when they both agreed that it was possible to breathe underwater.

“But how is this going to help us?” Vivi asked when they had all re-surfaced.

“I think we all need to address the bigger question: am I the only one who’s noticing that my legs seem to be stuck together?” Jacob asked.

Esme started shrieking the moment she realized that she couldn’t pull her legs apart. She flew up out of the water and everyone gasped when they saw that Esme’s legs had grown into a navy blue mermaid tail scattered with a few aqua scales.

“Oh my,” Alalia breathed, “that color looks great on you, Esme!”

Pippin cracked up at that remark. “Esme has just grown a mermaid tail and all you care about is that the color looks great on her?” He cracked up again, flying out of the water to reveal a scarlet tail. “I was wondering how long it would take you guys to find out you had tails.”

Vivi, Jacob, and Alalia flew out of the water to see their own tails.

Vivi groaned in despair the moment she saw her glittery fuchsia tail. “Why couldn’t I have a tail like Alalia’s?” She asked, pointing to Alalia’s orange and yellow tail.

“You shouldn’t be the one complaining,” muttered Jacob. Everyone turned to see his vibrant pink mertail.

“It’s a dark pink. Almost red!” Esme tried to assure the blushing Jacob.

“Pink looks great with your hair, Jacob!” Pippin shouted, laughing again.

They all were silenced by a loud crash of thunder as lightning once again lit up the sky.

“My tail is disappearing.” Esme whispered.

“Don’t worry, it’ll come back after a minute in the water.” Pippin assured her. “We can swim faster than we can fly – let’s get out of here!”

Everyone dove back into the water and swam as fast as they could away from the storm. After a good ten minutes of furious swimming, Jacob surfaced and the others followed.

“I think the storm must have passed over us while we swam,” Vivi exclaimed and pointed to the dark clouds that had moved ahead of them.

“So what do we do now?” Esme asked.

“I say we should fly up and look for that mermaid. Maybe she’ll know some of the other items we need for Portal Icxylwocig.” Pippin suggested.

“Or you could always ask me.” A mermaid with caramel-colored hair and green eyes popped out of the water and grinned at them. A red-haired merman swam up beside her with an identical grin.

“Woah, where’d you guys come from? Are you real merpeople?” Vivi asked.

“I think the proper way to say it is ‘merfolk,’ Vivi.” Alalia corrected.

“We don’t see many merfolk in this area,” the merman replied, smiling at Alalia, “and so when we spotted you we thought we’d come say hi. Wendy here heard you talking about ingredients for Portal Icxylwocig, which she has been researching for the past few months.”

“You know about it?” Esme gasped.

“I sure do! And I have the fourth ingredient right here.” Wendy handed them a piece of opalescent shell. A sentence was carved into it in a swirly script.

“Twelve small toadstools! That shouldn’t be all that hard,” Jacob said as he took the shell from Wendy.

“Glad to help! I hope you can make the portal!” Wendy exclaimed as she and the merman did some sort of fancy somersault and disappeared into the crashing waves.

“That was a brief visit.” Pippin snorted as he watched them go.

“Merfolk must be busy people,” Esme nodded.


Wendy sat on the beach as her brilliant green tail slowly melted away. She watched a wave wash onto the shore, abandoning its seafoam as it hurried back to join the other waves.

“I’ve seen two of those people before,” the red-haired man said as he slipped onto the beach to let his tail melt away.

“Which ones?” Wendy asked.

“The one with the pink tail and the girl with the orange and yellow tail. I saw them when I was back in Fairyland.” He heaved a sigh and picked up a mint colored scale that had fallen to the ground. He turned it over in his hand and finally flicked it into the sea, watching it float away like a miniature boat. “Sometimes I wish I’d never left Fairyland. I might not have if I knew that I’d be man when I came into your world. I miss being a boy sometimes.”

“Peter Pan,” Wendy scolded, “I’ve had to tell you to stop being so nostalgic how many times now? And don’t tell me that you don’t like playing the part of the villain! Villains get as much attention as heroes and heroines, and it’s much easier to be bad, isn’t it? Now, I think we should move that little redheaded mermaid to closer confinement before the other children find her. I’ve prepared a nice shiny cage in a swimming pool on my own private island.”

Peter Pan crushed a fistful of fallen scales in his hand, his eyes following Wendy as she stepped into the ocean and disappeared among the waves. He sighed again, kicking angrily at the sand before jumping in after her.

* * * *

The children had decided to fly again. The storm had moved away and the waves sparkled as the sun shone on them. Vivi smiled down at the twinkling waves. They seemed to play tricks on her eyes, making the water look bright green in one spot and red in the next.

Vivi flew down closer to the water and saw that her eyes hadn’t been tricked after all. A mermaid was swimming just below the surface, circling around and around. She was about to call to the others to come and look when she saw two merfolk approach the first mermaid. Vivi squinted against the glaring waves and gasped as she realized the merfolk were Wendy and her red-haired companion. The red-haired merman was carrying a cage. Vivi’s heart pounded in her chest as slowly sank into the water, careful not to make any splashing sounds. Once she was underwater she could hear the merfolk conversing with one another.

“Alright, here’s how this works,” Wendy told the little mermaid, “either you come with me and Pan and we lock you up in this comfy-looking cage on a swimming pool on a tiny island, or you tell me everything you know about Portal Icxylwocig.” She smiled cruelly at the frightened mermaid.

“I-I can’t do that,” the mermaid said.

“Well then, I suppose you’ll have a private island all to yourself for the next few months.” Wendy laughed and nodded at the red-haired merman. His lips were clamped together and his brown eyes burned.

“You be the villain if you want, Wendy, but I’m not going to help you anymore,” he said as he let go of the cage he was holding.


Chapter 4, by Zielle

Wendy grit her teeth. “What about everything we’ve been through together, Peter? Don’t you want to rule Icxylwocig?” she swam around him, her hair lopping over her shoulders and swishing behind her. “We can be powerful! Everyone will do anything at our bidding. Just come with me.”

“I can’t Wendy. Goodbye.” Peter Pan pushed past her and swam as fast as he could away from her.

An evil smile curled on Wendy’s lips, and she lifted her fingers to her mouth and whistled. “Fine, then, Peter. Perhaps you’d like to give our little mermaid friend some company.” At her whistle, two sharks appeared in front of her. Ariel, the red-headed mermaid darted back, knocking her head against the wall of her current confinement. “Bring back Peter Pan. Alive. Take him to my island and lock him up with our little friend. We don’t want him snitching our little secret, would we?”

The two sharks turned and began swimming in the direction Peter had left.

At that, Vivi slowly swam up to the surface and flew to where her friends were looking for her.

Ariel got up and began pounding on the wall, screaming at Wendy.

Wendy spun around. “Shut up! Tell me everything. Tell me now!” she hit her fist against the wall and lowered her voice. “There are some children trying to build a portal back to your home so they can bring Prince Charming back to his bride. If you don’t tell me, those foolish children will build the portal and I’ll kill them. I’ll go back to fairyland and rule, and you will be inside this cage forever. But if you tell me, I can build the portal myself. Either way, I’m going to lock you up where no one will ever find you. What will it be, little mermaid? Would you want to keep your mouth shut at their expense?”

Ariel shook her head. “I’ll tell you when hell freezes over!”

“I can make that happen.” Wendy smiled.

“You’ll never get that portal. And you’ll never find those kids.” Ariel said, her voice shaking as she backed to the end of the cage. “What about the fourth ingredient you gave them? Was it-”

“Real?” Wendy cut in. “Of course not. I want them to think I’m on their side and trying to help them.”

Ariel had never met those children before, but she had spoken to Katri about them and she knew they were kind children.

Wendy dove deeper into the water and retrieved the cage that Peter had dropped, which was caught in the crevice of a rock. Grabbing it and swimming to Ariel’s cage, she opened it and grabbed the mermaid’s arm in a painful grip. “I’m giving you one last chance, Ariel. Tell me, or the children die.”

Ariel bit her lip. If she told her, she would most definitely build that portal. If she didn’t, well, there was still a chance that Icxylwocig could be saved. Without a word, Ariel pushed herself into the new cage and watched as the door to her freedom disappeared as Wendy muttered some words. “Foolish choice, Ariel. But whatever you wish.” She cackled and swam away, pulling the cage behind her, leaving Ariel to wonder if she had made the right choice.


“Vivi!” Esme flew up when she saw Vivi flying frantically towards them. “Where have you been?”

“Wendy-” she gasped. “She has Ariel in a cage. Peter Pan, the red-headed mermaid isn’t going to help her anymore, but Wendy sent two sharks after him. We have to find him first.”

The children flew down to the ground, taking some coverage in a small cave so that they couldn’t be seen.

“Vivi, we have no idea where he is. What about Ariel? Where is she? And we still have to find Prince Charming. Don’t forget that!” Pippin said.

“Well we can’t just sit by and let Peter get caught!” Esme blurted out.

Alalia nodded. “I think we’ll bump into Peter along the way. If the sharks don’t get him first.” She said. “I have a feeling he’ll be looking for us to warn us.”

“Good thinking.” Jacob said.

“Right now we have to do what we came to do. We came to bring Ariel back to Ixcylwocig, didn’t we? Well let’s go do that! We can worry about the other things later.” Alalia said.

Vivi flared. “We can’t just leave Peter!”

“And we won’t.” Jacob said. “C’mon. Let’s go look for those twelve toadstools.”

“Um, hello?” Esme said. “Wendy, the bad guy, gave us that shell. How can we trust anything she gives us now?”

“You’re right. If she needs Ariel to tell her the ingredients, she doesn’t need us.” Jacob said. “Good job, Esme.”

Esme’s cheeks flushed.

“How about we split up;” Pippin said. “Some of us find out where Wendy is taking Ariel, and the rest of us can look for P. Charming.”

“Bad idea, Pip.” Vivi said.

Pippin glared at the nickname.

“Good idea.” Esme said.

“Esme, Alalia and I will go to find Ariel, and Pip and Vivi can look for Charming. And on the way, keep a lookout for the real fourth ingredient, and keep your eyes peeled for Pan. Maybe we can help him. Now let’s go.” Jacob said.

The five children rose into the air, splitting, each group going in the opposite direction.


Peter Pan swam on and finally, dove out of the water, landing on the sandy shore. He couldn’t remember the time when he first met that sweet girl in the human world and brought her to the fairy world. Was it his fault she had wanted all that power? That she became so evil that she was banished? Why had he agreed to come along with her?

Questions swam around in his head. Suddenly, two figures appeared at the surface of the water, and Peter immediately recognized them as Wendy’s henchmen. As soon as they reached the bank, they transformed into two bulky men. Gasping, Peter scrambled to his bare feet and ran.


“Girls!” Jacob called. “Look what I found!”

Esme and Alalia raced up to where Jacob was standing. Edged tightly and deeply in a tall oak tree was a tiny bottle, and inside was a tiny paper. Jacob fished around in his pocket until he found a pocket knife. Carving away at the tree, he managed to rip out the bottle. He popped of the lid and pulled out the note. Could it be one of the ingredients P. Charming was searching for? Jacob read it out loud to the girls. “Item 6. Eleven fairy crowns.”

“What the heck are they?” Jacob’s eyebrows furrowed.

“I think it just means crowns of fairy royalty. Like the crowns that Kings and Queens wear?” Alalia said.

“Guys,” Esme squeaked. “What is that?”

A dark shadow loomed over them and a huge figure plunged to the forest ground in front of them.


Chapter 5, by Ilsa

The children screamed. Or at least they tried to. The figure looming over them had first just been frightening, had sucked out their love and happiness. Now, as they opened their mouths to yell for help or out of fear, no sound came out, as every emotion was drawn toward the creature like a magnet.  Torn from their bodies, as if stars were being torn from darkness. The creature marveled at the children, so still, still as stone.

He wanted to devour the children, but he could control himself. He would not make stupid mistakes just because he was hungry. No, these humans could be something…something helpful. he grinned at the thought. Reluctantly, he let the emotions tumble from his smoky fingers. The children gasped, oxygen filling their lungs but more than that, warmth spreading through their bones, life and thoughts, feeling and ideas returning to their owners.

The creature still loomed over them. As they shivered, feeling their emotions return to them, the children let their screams evaporate on their tongues. They simply did not know what to think of it. Him.  Hideous creature. Whatever the massive inky figure was. It seemed like one thing but once you looked closely it seemed like a million things put together. It seemed black but when you looked closer it was mixture of murky colors. It looked whole and strong but when you looked closer it looked hollow and empty. It looked simple but was oh so very confusing.

For a second, the creature floated there, the children rooted to the spot. In actual fact, the creature hadn’t even meant to meet these children. He had stumbled over something and here they were. And in the same way, the children had meant to scream and escape but they stood for a reason they couldn’t quite place.

Jacob was the first to snap back to his senses. His instinct was to run.  And he did. He took the lead, hoping his friends would follow and ran. He zoomed through every tree, the air whipping around him, the wind scolding his cheeks. He turned his head, realizing the others had caught onto his idea  and had started to sprint too.  The creature seems to do nothing but stand as if amused. Jacob ran. Esme ran. Alalia ran. They all ran, for what, they didn’t know. Maybe it was for their life, or maybe it out of fear or maybe it was because it is the only thing they could do.

72 trees later, they all caught their breath. Esme sank to the ground.

“Well that,” muttered Alalia, “was a close one.”

“What was that?” panted Jacob.

“Whatever it was, it was dangerous. Did you feel that? The way it sucked the life out of us. We NEED to make sure we don’t run it into it again” Alalia warned. They all nodded in agreement.

Well, apart from Esme. She was still on the ground, clinging to a nearby tree, her breath jagged. “Guys, my dress…it’s torn.”

Alalia almost laughed. Was that all she could think about? They had just faced something close to death, and she was concerned about her dress?

Jacob grinned “Come on, Esme! Get up! I’m hoping the rest are having better luck with Charming! Right now, we need to look for Ariel. She’s probably in serious trouble.”
There was a note of excitement in Jacob’s voice, but at the word, trouble, the forest seemed to darken. Not just the light around them, but the mood of the whole conversation. The air hung thick around them. The three children shivered.

“Where do we start?” Alalia mused, shaking off the unsettling atmosphere. “I mean every second we waste, Wendy get’s closer to breaking Ariel. For goodness sake, Ariel doesn’t even know us! She probably knows we’re good and all, but would she really sacrifice her safety for some children she has barely met? I don’t think so. Wendy is twisted and we can’t rely on Ariel to be a perfect angel. We need to get to her and fast. Who knows what Wendy will do to her?”

Jacob nodded. “And who knows what she’ll do to us! While finding Ariel sounds splendid, Wendy wouldn’t mind us creating the portal and well…” Jacob gulped “killing us. We need to be careful, is all I’m saying.” Jacob finished with a grim expression on his face while Esme slowly rose from the ground, straightening her dress, and smoothing over her wavy dark hair.

Esme stilled. Suddenly, her dress or hair or anything didn’t seem to matter, apart from the plan sprouting in her mind. It was a new sensation, having an idea, not about her looks, but to help those her friends, people that mattered. The idea blossomed and Esme grabbed hold of it – tight.

“I think I have an idea” declared Esme. Everyone stared at her, eyes filled with wonder.

And so Esme began, letting the new-found sensation course through her, and unravelling her idea, bit by bit, the others helping her along. Soon, the children had it all figured out, and set off to look for Ariel, hope filling their hearts.


Meanwhile the creature, Black, started at the running children. Children, his mind shivered at the word. Disgusting vile things that got in the way of everything. How ignorant they were. Did they really think they could run from him? He watched them, as they disappeared into a blur and sighed. Somethings just had to be done. And one of those was turning horrible things into useful tools. His sigh brought upon something, something tugging at his mouth. He realized, despite himself, he was smiling.


Wendy grinned.

“Ariel,” she sang, “what are the ingredients?”

Ariel struggled. Wendy’s voice, so sickeningly sweet and yet too capturing. She felt the need to answer, felt it nearly roll off her tongue. Stay strong, she told herself. Clearly, that was getting harder.

Wendy’s voice forced and pushed and tried but Ariel didn’t let it win. She wouldn’t break. Wendy’s voice cut through the air again and Ariel so badly wanted to tell her. It seemed that if she did, everything would be okay. Wendy kept repeating the words, so lulling and comforting and…


This was Wendy’s third attempt. The first was to let Ariel starve but that hadn’t worked because Wendy needed Ariel alive. The second try was to make Ariel so cold, she would beg but that didn’t seem to do the trick. The third was to manipulate Ariel and her mind so that it would obey. So far, it wasn’t working.

Wendy sang again, the words, dripping with the forbidden spell, meandered through the air. Ariel liked the way the words sounded and…


The scream echoed in Ariel’s’ mind but Wendy’s voice…

Yes. The words finally sunk in, clawing at Ariel’s mind, so peaceful and they rested there, poisoning every thought. Ariel couldn’t deny the warmth that filled her. So peaceful and serene and she wanted the poison to stay in her mind forever; it comforted her. She felt her whole body relax, felt the spell dig into her soul and mind, and let it turn everything into blackness.

Ariel’s memories felt foggy. Her desires turned into mist. Her love dissolved into air. Her warmth turned into the biting cold.

“Now,” Wendy snarled, her voice back to it’s usual dark tone. “What are the ingredients for the portal?”

Ariel, so relaxed, wanted, needed, to give her the answer. Wendy, she realized, was such a wonderful, charming girl. She would give Wendy anything. Anything. The poison sank deeper.

Oh no thought Wendy. She knew the spell was forbidden but she didn’t know that worked on it’s own accord. The spell had broken loose of Wendy’s hold. It was unleashed and it devoured Ariel. And there was nothing Wendy could do.

Wendy realized, only then, that she had gone too far.

Ariel, completely oblivious, sighed, a happy sigh, and opened her mouth, about to give Wendy the list she knew so well when darkness caved in.


Pippin and Vivi stumbled. What had seemed like a bush, was actually a human. And it was Peter Pan.

They gasped.

Peter pan looked up, with his sparkling eyes, first in shock and then relief washed over him.

“Oh, thought that was Wendy’s evil men come to get me. Just escaped them, you know, lost them far back. And who are you?”

Pippin and Vivi had been searching the beach for hours now, talking about the strange adventures and trying to find some people. Specifically P. Charming. So far, they had no luck. So now when they saw this man, Peter pan, they quickly introduced themselves and got talking.

“So you see, we’re trying to find Prince Charming so he can return to his world, do you know him?

Peter shook his head. “No, but I know a lot of people around here who could help you”

With that, the children smiled. Maybe their luck hadn’t run out after all.


“Remind me again. We’re going to find Ariel by searching all the waters, the sea. Hopefully, we run into Peter Pan who knows where Wendy is keeping Ariel. While we search the oceans with the abilities of the pixie dust, we look for signs of prisons  and where Wendy was last was. We see if we can find any more of the items too. Make sure we don’t run into big scary creatures.
And then the genius part, we pretend we’ve captured Peter Pan because we think he’s the bad guy. We bring him to Wendy and she think she’s fooled us. The, she lets us into her lair with Ariel. We free Ariel while Wendy is distracted with Peter Pan and escape. ” Jacob was breathless but he wanted to make sure they all understood the plan. No matter how many times they had repeated its so far.

“Yes!” nodded Esme, feeling important. The feeling was strange, but she welcomed it.

“I’m just worried what will happen to Peter. He’ll serve as a distraction and then…?”

“I know” agreed Esme. “I wish we could figure that part out. And hopefully Wendy’s sharks don’t get to Peter first. If they do, we might never get Ariel out.”

“Not to mention, we need food, water, and rest soon” Alalia pointed out as her stomach rumbled, the space between her and her parents getting seemingly wider. Putting them to sleep had been easy but Alalia regretted their decision, wished she could be back in their arms.

The others seemed oblivious to this somehow, had carried on, all action and excitement while her parents  and the betrayal itched her mind again and again. She missed home too. Her books, her room, the safety there.

It had been such a quick decision to leave. Not well-thought out at all. Trusting people they had only met. Helping people they barely knew. Making plans for something that could be so dangerous. It seemed crazy now. The idea of it all. Some children on a beach helping creatures of good and evil.

The thing was, everything had happened so fast and being as quiet as she was, she hadn’t spoken up to stop their plans. At first, she had been giving ideas, helping out. She still was aiding her friends but everything felt wrong. Had it just been a few hours ago when they had been playing on the beach? Everything had changed. It was like how happened in the books she read. Except the characters in her books always got happily ever afters. Would her friends have the same ending? They were just children, how many things could go wrong? How would they survive out here, in this dangerous world?

The thing that bothered her most was that all her friends didn’t seem to mind. They were all so brave, she thought. And she wasn’t. She always worried, always thoughtful. Always so practical. Sometimes she hated herself for that.

Alalia’s thoughts were interrupted when they all stopped short. Silence fell between them. The children had reached the coast. The sea looked beautiful, the sun reflecting off its surface; the children gazed, dazzled. This was it. They dove in, to the water and to adventure.


Chapter 6, by Hope

It had felt like hours since Pippin and Vivi had stumbled upon Peter Pan. He claimed he knew people who would help, yet they didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Pippin and Peter got along very well and were just enjoying the stroll along the beach.

“Why are you out here in the real world? Why aren’t you in Fairyland?” Pippin asked.

“Wendy was banished and I decided to go along with her. Biggest regret of my life.” Peter mumbled back. He wasn’t enjoying this topic very much.

“Can you return to Fairyland?” Pippin continued.

“I don’t know!” Peter shouted, frustrated. Why did this kid have to push him so far?

“Would you two just quit it!” Vivi was annoyed. They just met and now here they are arguing. “Who are these people you had in mind to help us?”

“Well, one person would be Ariel. But, we obviously—“

Vivian abruptly stopped. What if Peter wasn’t on their side? What if Peter’s whole ‘I’m not going to work with you anymore’ to Wendy was just an act? Did he know that she was in the water just above them?

Pippin looked at Vivi, concerned.

“You alright there Vivi?” Pippin asked. She couldn’t tell Pippin her concerns with Peter right there.

“Yeah, I-I’m fine. Can we just stop for a bit? My legs are kind of achy.” Vivian lied. She had to stop to think.

Pippin didn’t believe her. Vivi, the most athletic girl he has ever known, has achy legs just from a little hike along the beach. There must be something wrong…

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea.” Peter plopped down onto the soft sand.

Vivi turned toward the water, with Peter and Pippin behind playing in the sand. She always secretly loved the sea. It helped her process her thoughts.

It didn’t seem to be working this time though.

She had so many questions, yet no answers or clues. And nobody around seems to be helpful. Everyone seems to be against them…


The plan continued running through Jacob’s head. He was so nervous, but he couldn’t let the girls know. They were depending on him to lead. Or at least he thought so.

“Search for Ariel, find Peter Pan on the way, look for signs for Wendy’s prison, find more ingredients…”

“Jacob, are you okay?” Esme asked with confidence. He seemed to be nervous, muttering the plan continuously under his breath.

“Huh? Yeah. I’m fine. Only reviewing the plan again.” Jacob replied. Hopefully, they couldn’t tell he was nervous.

“Which way shall we go?” Alalia asked. The ocean is so deep and so vast, how do they know where to start?

“Um, I’m not sure. Jacob?” Esme replied.

“Well, we are attempting to run into Peter Pan while searching for Wendy’s prison with Ariel, so…” He had no idea. Why did they have to split up with Vivi and Pippin? They were so much better at this whole leader thing.

“How about we just swim forward, and continue from there” Esme suggested. She still had this feeling of importance surging through her. It still felt strange, but refreshing at the same time.

Esme had never realized how beautiful the ocean truly is. Fish of all colors swimming all around them. Tons of coral of any color you could imagine. The wonder of it all. She especially loved the aqua mermaid tail that wrapped around her legs.

On the other hand, Jacob absolutely hated his tail. How embarrassing, a vibrant pink tail? Why couldn’t it be black, his favorite color?

Interrupting all the children’s thoughts came this loud, evil cackle. It seemed to be all around them.

“W-what is that?” Alalia nervously asked although she feared she already knew the answer.

Sharks began to circle around them. Jacob recognized them as Wendy’s henchmen.

He quickly spun around, trying to find an escape route.

There was no escape, and now they were in trapped in the hands of Wendy.


Chapter 7, by Mercury Vivian Eliza

“So, we go under the ocean, find Wendy and free Ariel. Then we go to the secret palace with Ariel and see if she knows the ingredients.” reviewed Peter Pan.

“Yeah.” said Vivi.

So of the group went, happily at first and then they trudged through the woods unhappily.

“Can we stop?” Pippin complained loudly.

“No” said Vivi “We’re here”

* * *

Sharks circled all around the group. They hugged one another and prepared for doom. There was no escape. Or so it seemed. A hand reached out and grabbed Alalia by the hand and pulled her up. She looked up. It was Pippin.

“Thanks, Pippin.” she said

“No problem,” answered Pippen.

“We need to go rescue Ariel,” said Vivi.

“Okay. Yeah, sure,” said Esme.

So off the group swam towards Wendy’s cage, in which she was keeping Ariel.

When they got to the cage, they saw Ariel trapped inside. Neither Wendy nor her henchmen saw them.

“We’ve come to rescue you, Ariel,” said Peter Pan.

The group looked for a way to free Ariel until one of Wendy’s henchmen saw them. The shark let out a low sound which signaled many other sharks. Strangely, instead of attacking them, the sharks formed a passage. Through it swam Wendy. Wendy let out an evil cackle, “You will never get away from me!”

Ariel said, “We’ll see about that.”

Wendy let out another evil cackle, and the low noise that the first shark had made. Then all the sharks started attacking the group. The group had no weapons, but were fast and clever enough to escape them. Then, Esme saw a long rope on Ariel’s cage. “Guys, come help me!” All of the group swam toward Esme and helped her pull the long heavy cage to shore.

Once they had freed Ariel, the group sat on the shore until Ariel called out, “Help, I need water!”

“Oh no, I forgot that Ariel was a mermaid and needed water,” said Jacob.

All of the group helped carry Ariel back into the water.

“Guys, let’s get back down to business and go to Ariel’s palace,” said Vivi.

Then the group went to Ariel’s palace. When they got there, Ariel told them the ingredients she knew so far. The list was

Item One: Oak wood

Item Two: Generous amount of fairy dust

Item Three: Stepping stones

Item Four: Eleven fairy crowns

Item Seven: Fourteen mermaid scales

“Guys, you know how when we get out of water, our mermaid tails sort of dry off. The mermaid scales are left behind. We can collect those and use them for the portal,” said Esme.

Oh, yeah

And so the group went to search for the ingredients – or at least they started to. They saw a gleaming light under the sea. They swam down and looked at it. There was a chest and on it was a sign which read, “OPEN ME.” The children looked at each other and then Jacob opened the chest. In it there was weapons and armor with their names and birthdates on it. Jacob gently pulled the top breastplate off the pile. In doing so, he realized that the armor and sword was attached to it. It was the same scarlet as Pippin’s tail, in a dark red, it said “Pippin.” Jacob handed the breastplate to Pippin.As Pippin put the armor on, it fused around him perfectly. He realized that the leggings would not fuse around him, so he tucked them into his belt. They disappeared.

Pippin went up to the chest next and pulled out a navy blue and aqua armor. He pulled it up and handed it to Esme. Esme went up to the chest and pulled out a glittery fuschia set of armor. She handed it to Vivi who put it on and swam up to the chest and pulled out an orange and yellow set.

She handed it to Alalia who put it on. In turn, Alalia swam up to the chest and pulled out a dark pink set of armor. She handed it to Jacob. Jacob put it on.

“Great. Why do I always have to have pink?” asked Jacob.

He swam up to the chest and looked in. Inside there was only one left that said “Wendy”.

“Guys, follow me. I have a plan,” said Peter Pan.

* * *

Wendy let out an evil cackle as she put the final touches on her trap. “They will never suspect this!”

She let out her low whistle that signaled her sharks to ambush the children.

* * *

Peter Pan led the children to Wendy’s palace.

“Stay here,” said Peter Pan.

Peter Pan swam up to where he knew Wendy was. Peter Pan reached out his hand to Wendy just as he had done so many years before. Wendy saw his hand and froze. Memories from her childhood, memories from when she first met Peter Pan, memories of Tinkerbell, and memories of Neverland flashed through her mind.

She did just as she had done so many years before. She followed Peter.



Chapter 8, by Charis

“What is Peter doing?” Esme whispered.

The children huddled together behind the coral reef, gripping the hard formations to keep themselves from floating upward. Above them, Peter and Wendy were talking, their hands gripped tight around each other. Peter held out a bundle of armor bearing Wendy’s name.

“I still don’t get it,” Jacob muttered. “Why are they so friendly all of the sudden? Wendy is evil!”

Alalia shook her head. “No, they’re remembering their adventures together.”

The others turned to her with puzzled expressions.

Alalia threw her hands up in exasperation. “Haven’t you guys read anything? Peter and Wendy once embarked together on a journey to Neverland, an island found in Icxylwocig. It was a world full of magic, with no rules and where no one could grow old. Peter returned Wendy to our world, leaving her to grow up and forget her happy adventures. Wendy was sad and angry at Peter for leaving her, vowing one day to return and take over all of Neverland.

“Now, Peter is helping her remember all of the wonderful adventures they had, and trying to show her that magic is a good thing.”

After a moment, Pippin spoke up.

“That’s all wonderful, but how is remembering her past going to make her stop being evil?”

“Pippin is right,” Ariel piped. “Wendy is evil. She’s not going to be persuaded to help us so easily.”

Vivi cast a wary glance above them. Wendy and Peter were still talking. “Then we should get out of here and escape while we still can!”

Ariel shook her head. “Wendy can’t bother us anymore; I cast a spell of protection around each of us.”

“So that’s why we were able to get past the guards so easily?” Pippen asked?

Ariel nodded. “Wendy has been sucking my powers away, trying to get me to tell her what the other ingredients are. But once she was distracted for a while, was able to gain my strength back.

“But you should probably get out of here, like Vivi said. My spell will only last for a short time, and the rest of the ingredients need to be found.”

“What about you?” Esme asked.

“I don’t think Wendy will bother me with Peter around. But just in case, I’ll find a proper hiding spot until you return.” Ariel said.

Jacob nodded. “What are the other ingredients?”

“I’m bound by a sacred code not to tell you all at once,” Ariel said, “but I can give you a hint for the next ingredient.”

She gathered the children close and whispered, “Seek out the fire bird, and retrieve a feather from his wings. His nest is south of here, a day’s journey up in the mountains. But be careful; he is a very dangerous creature.”

           “We will, Ariel,” Alalia said. “And you stay safe, too. Don’t let Wendy find you.”

She nodded, and urged them to go. They burst through the water, spluttering and flailing about, and heaved themselves onto the shore. After a few minutes to catch their breath, they began making plans.

“Ariel said that it’s a day’s journey to the fire bird,” Vivi said, “but we’re still going to need plenty of supplies.”

Pippin fingered his armor, which was dripping wet. A leather pouch was attached to a belt around his waist, and he opened it. Inside, undamaged by the water, was a smaller pouch, containing a small amount of food and a tiny flask of drinking water.

“Check it out!” He exclaimed.

The others looked inside their pouches and found food and water, too.

“This is more than enough for our whole trip,” Vivi said, delighted. “And with our armor, we should be able to journey through the forest with little disturbance.”

Jacob jumped up. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s catch ourselves a fire bird!”


The trek through the forest was miserable.

Between being soaked with sweat and seawater, weighed down by their armor, and plagued with swarms of mosquitoes, the children were hungry, hot and itchy.

“Can we stop to rest?” Esme puffed. Her eyes were glazed with tears of frustration and exhaustion, and her hair was plastered to her face.

Alalia wrapped her arm around Esme’s shoulder. “Esme is right. We should take a break.”

They agreed, plopping down on a cool patch of nearby moss. After they had eaten and drank, they prepared to set out again.

“How much farther is it to the mountain?” Pippin asked. His face was red, bringing out the freckles sprinkled across his cheeks.

Vivi glanced up at the sky. “We should reach it in another hour or so.”

Jacob groaned, but followed Vivi as she led the way along the path.

The longer they walked, the closer the trees seemed to get, until the path itself began to disappear between the thick patches of red flowers and bushes. High-pitched shrieks echoed through the forest, and they could see hairy figures moving from the trees, following close by them.

They quickened their pace. As they moved farther along, a thick mist curled at their feet and floated above them until it was hard to see in front of them.

Esme coughed and waved the mist away from her. “I’m not feeling so well.”

Vivi placed a hand on her shoulder in sympathy. “We don’t have time to rest again, Esme.”

“I understand,” she sounded sleepy. “Maybe if I walk a little slower…”

Esme began to sag, and Vivi wrapped her arm around her waist so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Are you okay, Esme?” Jacob asked.

“What’s wrong?” Alalia’s voice was tense.

Pippin said nothing, but helped support Esme’s other arm.

“We need to keep moving,” Vivi said. “I don’t think this mist is good for us to breathe.”

“You’re right,” Jacob coughed and waved the mist away from them with his hands. “It’s getting really thick.”

Pippin and Vivi adjusted their armor, and between them, dragged Esme along at a quickened pace. But as time went on and the mist thickened, they noticed that their limbs seemed to grow heavier and it became harder to keep their eyes open.

After another long stretch of walking, they stopped to rest and adjust their hold on Esme. Alalia cast a glance up in the trees. Amongst the mist, she could make out hazy man-like shadows. She shuddered and started to turn back and help Vivi carry Esme.

Alalia gasped. Jacob lay in a heap on the ground, nearly covered by the mist. Vivi and Pippin slumped over. Esme slipped from their grasp, landing with a thud on the ground, and they soon collapsed beside her.

Alalia only had time to witness the cackle that echoed through the forest, followed by a shriek from the trees, before her eyes closed and she, too, collapsed.

Once they were unconscious, the monkeys moved in. Their hands cut through the mist, grasping the children’s limbs and dragging them to their green-skinned mistress.


Chapter 9, by Sarah

When the children awoke, the first thing they noticed were the colors.

Pippin scrunched up his nose in disgust. “Pink? Purple? Where are we?” He tried to stand, but found he couldn’t move. “Um…guys?”

Alalia was the first one to come to, Pippin’s struggles shaking her awake. “Pippin, what is it?” She asked groggily. Then her eyes flew open.

The five children were in a pink and purple room, all tied together in a circle around a large fancy sofa. Which was also pink, coincidentally.  Large oaken doors that must have been fifteen feet high stood ominously on one side of the room, a large table covered in what looked to be….makeup(?) on the other side. The sofa they were tied to was in the middle. Everything was decorated with monkeys. Even the sofa’s print was monkeys, dancing around flowers.

“Um….Pippin…” Alalia said, “Do you have any idea where we are?”

Pippin shook his head, freckles standing out on his pale face. “N-No, Alalia….you?”

She frowned, studying the room again. “I’m not sure….the monkeys, makeup, pink…it doesn’t match anything I’ve read or seen in Fairyland. Maybe Esme or Vivi would know?”

Taking the hint, Pippin glanced around the sofa to see Esme’s dark head. He managed to bump her with his shoulder, while Alalia woke Vivi. Jacob was between the two sleeping girls, out of their reach and sight.

“Esme.” Pippin said.  Trying again, “Esme, if you don’t wake up, I’m going to dye your hair orange.” He knew she hated orange. It was one of the few colors the timid girl absolutely refused to wear.

Thankfully, Esme’s lashes fluttered and her eyes opened, still hazy with sleep. “Pip?” She asked, confused. Her eyes darted around the room frantically, trying to recall what had happened. “Pippin, where are we? What happened? I remember the mountain, and Ariel, and the mist….”

He smiled, trying to assure her, moving as close as he could with his hands tied behind his back to a sofa leg. Not to mention the long rope wrapping over his chest and all the way around the couch, binding them not only to it but flat on their backs against it.

“I don’t know, but Alalia and me were wondering, say, if you recognized anything in this room?”

Esme’s brown eyes opened wider, and she surveyed the room. “Pink….monkeys….dancing…makeup….I don’t really see anything that–” She cut herself off, mouth shaping into an ‘o’. “Wait a minute….makeup….monkeys?”

“Whatcha got, Essy?” Pippin said.

She barely even noticed the nickname. “Pippin…do you remember the makeup palette I showed everyone when we were reading Katri’s journal? The one by Maleficent?”

Pippin nodded, puzzled. “Ya, sure. But what’s that got to do with this?”

Esme ignored him, instead calling out, “Alalia! Vivi! Jacob!”

Alalia, who had woken up Vivi who in turn shook Jacob from the mist-induced slumber, answered back. “Esme?”

“Do you remember how I showed you guys that makeup made by Dark Fairy Cosemetics?”


“You’re closest to that table full of makeup. Can you read the name?”

“I’ll try,” Alalia replied. There was a moment of anxious silence, and then Alalia’s voice came back, shouting, “It’s the same brand, Esme! Dark Fairy!”

Esme nodded absently, lost in thought. “That just leaves the monkeys….the only villain I know of that even vaguely likes monkeys is the Wicked Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Oz.”

Pippin’s eyes widened, and Esme heard a trio of gasps from Alalia, Jacob, and Vivi. She mimicked Pippin’s earlier movement and scooted as far around the corner as she could, catching sight of Jacob’s surprised face.

“Guys, I think I know what captured us. Well, actually, who.”

“Who?” They chorused.

“Maleficent, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West.”

The four children gasped.


Peter Pan led Wendy towards the forest the children had disappeared in, following the same trail they had taken earlier.

“Wendy, we need to help them,” He said, stopping at the beginning of the path.

Wendy came up beside him. “Peter….”

The red-haired man turned to her. “Yes, Wendy?”

She ducked her head, shame showing in her features. “I….I’m sorry for dragging you out here. I should have never gotten mixed up in this Prince Charming mess. I’m so sorry.”

Peter smiled. It was bitter, full of sadness, but genuine. “I’m the one that should be apologizing, Wendy. I took you to Fairyland, and then abandoned you after you returned to the human world. I should have never done that. I should have never left you alone.”

Wendy smiled back. “I will forgive you if you forgive me.”

A trace of Peter’s old boldness and childlike-swagger came back. He grinned broadly, displaying all his teeth and scrunching his eyes shut. “It’s a deal then.”

Wendy smiled back. “Then let’s go save those kids.”


Back in the pink room, the doors slammed open and a black-clad figure strode in, green skin glinting with makeup.

Alalia stiffened. “Maleficent.” She growled.

The witch smirked. “Ah, I see you finally figured it out, didn’t you? Took you long enough.” Her purple-shadowed eyes slanted into angry slits. “You know how long I’ve waited for this?” She snapped. “Hundreds of years. Hundreds.”

Vivi’s short temper snapped. She struggled against her bonds, twisting around as far as she could to glare in Maleficent–aka, the Wicked Witch of the West’s eyes. “Let us go!” She yelled.

Maleficent’s smirk disappeared, and she walked over to where Vivi was tied. She grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at her. When she spoke, her voice was deceptively soft. “Child, child. Did you really think you would win? Did you really think you could beat me, Maleficent, the Wicked Witch of the West, the master and disguise? Did you really think you would beat the one who designed this whole thing to play into my hands?”

Vivi’s mouth hung slack. The room was silent for a long time, when Jacob, who had sat silent the whole time, finally spoke.

“What do you mean, you designed the whole thing?” He asked nervously.

Maleficent stood, smile curving wickedly on her lips.

“What I mean, child, is that I planned all of this.”



Chapter 10, by LydiaFinn

Maybe it was the way Maleficent was smirking, her eyes glinting with evil pride. Or maybe it was the fact that Esme was tired, sweaty, and feeling impatient. She couldn’t tell which, but something inside Esme snapped.

“Why would you do this?” she shouted. “Why would you want to hurt so many innocent people? What are you possibly hoping to gain?”

Maleficent cackled. “Do you know nothing of being evil, child? Some people—like me—get to the point where they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I want revenge! For years I have crafted this plan, going over every detail until it was perfect. All I needed were the right players.” She winked at the five friends.

Esme opened her mouth to say something, but Jacob stopped her. “Just accept it, Esme,” he whispered, his heart sinking with hopelessness. “She’s won.”


Wendy took a few more steps up steep hill and stopped, panting heavily. In her mermaid form, it was easy to get around. However, legs were always harder. She glanced down at the gym membership wristband she wore. Ten dollars a month, she mused, and I don’t even go.

Peter, who was up ahead, paused and turned around. “Wendy?” he called.

“I know, I know. We need to keep going.” Wendy straightened up and began walking again, her calves burning. “I just needed a tiny break.”

”No, Wendy,” Peter said again, turning around and pointing ahead. “You might want to come see this.”

His tone was urgent, and Wendy hurried up to meet him. Ahead of them on the muddy patch of ground were footprints—five sets, if she could read them correctly. The children! But as she glanced around, she realized the footprints didn’t go anywhere. And there were other non-human tracks in the mud, grouped around deep indentations where someone may have sat.

When Peter spoke, his voice shook slightly. “I think something may have happened to the children.”


Pippin sighed and tried to shift to a more comfortable position. The ropes binding his wrists were scraping painfully against his skin, and the rope around his waist was tight—a little too tight.

Maleficent was at a table, reading out of a book and pouring ingredients into an already frog-green gel that was simmering on the stove. It smelled like old bananas. Alalia fought back a gag and gathered up the courage to ask, “What is that?”

Maleficient smiled, and if they hadn’t known how evil she was they might have thought she was a kind grandmother baking them cookies. “Just a little something I know you’ll enjoy,” she said ominously. She was about to say something else when there was a loud ringing. She muttered something about “the world working around her schedule” and pulled an iPhone out of her pocket. “Oh, excuse me, I must take this,” she said, setting down the spoon she was using to stir. “It’s my French consultant calling to discuss the launch of my new makeup line in Paris.” She pressed the ‘answer’ button and strode out of the room. “Bonsoir, Madame Dubois, comment ça va? Je suis bon…”

Alalia waited until she was gone, then turned to her friends. “We have to get out of here.”

Vivi nodded. “Already on it.” She held up her hands, which were rope-free. She grinned wickedly. “I didn’t take those knot-tying classes for nothing.”

The group exploded, everyone thrilled that they could at least get the blasted ropes off. Only Jacob remained quiet. “Hey,” Esme said, nudging him. “What’s wrong?”

Jacob shrugged and looked away. He hoped the rest of the group didn’t see the tears glistening in his eyes.

Pippin, ever the optimist, decided to try and lighten the mood. “Hey, dude, whatever it is, it’s fine. There’s no need to makeup for it. Ha ha, get it…?” He glanced around, and when nobody laughed, he just sighed and leaned his head back.

“We’re going to get out of here, Jacob,” Alalia said reassuringly. “It’s all going to work out.”

Jacob shook his head. “It’s not that,” he whispered. “I don’t want to talk about it.” The truth was, he didn’t exactly know what was wrong. But somehow, he felt responsible for the others. He had always been told to try and be a leader. He had done his best to get the group this far. But now they were being held hostage by one of the most wicked people in Fairyland. And as a leader, he felt like it was his fault.

“Can we get these ropes off?” he said somewhat gruffly, realizing for the first time how much his skin burned.

Vivi untied her other ropes, then flitted from person to person, undoing the ropes. Once they were all free, they stood quiet, nobody wanting to be the first to speak. “So,” Pippin asked finally, “what now?”

”We need to leave,” Esme said nervously, glancing furitively to the door through which Maleficent had disappeared. “We don’t know when Maleficent is going to get back.”

Suddenly, there was a loud snap, and a tapping noise. All five friends quickly glanced over to the window, where a familiar face peered back at them. His red hair was like a flame, even though it was now dark. “Psst!” Peter whisper-shouted, grinning. “We’ve come to rescue you!”


Wendy watched from the trees as Peter helped the last child—Analia, she thought her name was—out the window and sprinkled pixie dust over all of them. They flew over to the trees.

The dark-haired boy gasped when he saw her, and Wendy held up her hands. “I’m not here to hurt you,” she said soothingly, “I’m with Peter now. I’m here to help.”

All five children glanced over to Peter, who confirmed this with a nod. “We did some talking,” he said, “and apologizing. Wendy’s on our side.”

This was good enough for the kids. “How did you find us?” Vivi asked Peter and Wendy. “I didn’t think we’d left a trail.”

Peter grinned mysteriously. “That’s another story for another time. But now, we need to get as far away from here as possible. Follow me!”


Malificent sighed and pressed her fingers together, watching from the dark of her bedroom window as the five children and two companions flew away over the treetops. She could set her flying monkeys on them, with specific instructions to tear them to pieces. It would certainly make everything much easier.

But she needed them. Nuisances though they were, they were necessary if all her careful planning was to pay off.

The wooden floor creaked, and Maleficent remembered her visitor. She glanced over her shoulder at the shadowy figure leaning against the wall in the darkest corner of her room. He straightened up, as if her single glance was a command.

”You know what to do,” she whispered to him. He gave a curt nod and, with a leap, transformed into a handsome black raven and disappeared out the door.


Chapter 11, by Enni

Alalia had the strangest suspicion that somebody – or something – was following them. She glanced over her shoulder as they flew over the trees, but all she saw was an innocent raven. Wait…ravens. Weren’t they supposed to be a symbol of death? Alalia tried to shake the feeling off.

I’m not superstitious, she told herself. It’s-it’s just an innocent raven! I’m just imagining things…like usual. Still, she couldn’t quite believe her own lie.

Esme noticed Alalia’s sudden change of emotion, and slipped a slender white hand into hers.

“Are you okay?” she asked sympathetically.

“Yeah,” Alalia was sure that the last thing they needed was for Esme to get in a panic. “Everything’s fine.” She attempted a weak smile, but although Esme gave her a concerned look, she left her alone.

“Hey you two!” shouted Pippin. “Hurry up already!!” Peter’s hand flew to Pippin’s mouth and he gave him a warning look.

“Be quiet,” he cautioned. “We don’t need anybody to get on our track thanks to you.”

What if something already is? Alalia thought nervously, casting another gaze behind her. She seemed to see something shadowy and dark, but couldn’t figure out the shape – it was getting late.

The “raven” was busy swooping down and gathering ingredients for his powder. Once he had fetched them, he ground them with his claws and tossed it right into Alalia’s eyes. Alalia screamed as blackness enclosed her, the children, Peter, and Wendy turned around, and the raven took that opportunity to blind them all.

“Ahhh!” yelled Pippin, crashing into a tree. “What’s happening? Is it night already?”

“Dude,” said Jacob. “It was barely after sunset before.”

Esme trembled as she flew, and suddenly, she felt that she couldn’t fly anymore. It was too dangerous, too risky – she felt like she might drop down any minute. So, she felt around for a treetop and perched on it.

“GET OFF MY HEAD!” roared the infuriated Vivi.

“Shh…” hissed everybody.

“Oh!” squeaked the sincerely astonished Esme.

“This isn’t going to do,” Wendy shook her head. “We can’t just go around being blind – there’s a 100% chance of failure. We might as well just sit around on these treetops. I don’t think that Maleficent will be searching for us yet – I believe that she spends a lot of time on the phone.”

Maleficent’s henchman smiled under his raven disguise. Oh, little did they know…this was perfect. He drew a feather from his wing and it morphed into a sword. Then, placing a long, shadowy net under the trees of which the unaware group was resting, he sliced the treetops and they went tumbling down.


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