Old and Worn: A Photoshoot

After reading Rebekah’s post the other day, I was like, “Ooh, I want to do that!” So I did. 🙂 I went for a walk around our farm with Maggie and took looots of pictures. Thankfully none of our barns are falling down or anything, but some of them do look beautifully old and worn.

This is somewhat of an experimental post. I don’t usually do B&W (black and white) or architecture photography, but today I’m doing both! Let’s see how the experiment turned out…



Lots of straw!
Barn siding…


Maggie had to stop for a drink. 😛


Look at the “candlestick”! The moon really lit up this post. 😉
I love this picture as well!


This is a broken window on our “Pighouse.” We don’t use it anymore except as a machine shed, but it used to be a pig barn (thus the name). I always thought the broken part of the window looked like a pig. 🙂 Can you see it?
Isn’t this neat? Vines (I think they’re Virginia Creeper vines) climbed quite a way up this old grain silo.



I think the experiment was a success! At least it was fun to conduct. 🙂

Do you like B&W or architecture photography? What is your favorite thing to photograph?


P. S. Thank you guys sooo much for entering my giveaway and taking my survey! I enjoyed reading your suggestions and opinions. I’m going to do a post soon that Clara suggested in the survey!

Random Photography Part 1

I had so many random, homeless photos I had to divide them into two posts! I’m going to do two sections today: pet photos and completely random photos.

Let’s do the completely random photos first. 🙂

Really, Allison? You took a picture of your ice cream cone? Yeah but it looks so pretty! XD


Here’s a (super hard) mystery photo for you. Guess what it is in the comments, and I’ll tell you if you were right or not. (Hint: this substance is not in its natural state. I modified it before taking the picture.)


One warm day I took pictures of the hose. XD


The reflection is me trying awkwardly to hold the hose and take a picture at the same time. XD



I also took a bunch of photos of one of my aunt’s old sheds. I was going to enter it in BIBPC, but I ended up entering a baby bunny photo. 🙂





And now for a few pet pictures. YESSS!

Ohhhh I love this picture so much! Lily looks so beautiful and stately next to the flowers. ♥
Ha ha! Olaf was washing herself after we gave her a bath, and I got a picture of her flinging water everywhere. XD
I love this picture too! Look at the neat reflection in Lily’s eye – not to mention bokeh in the background!
“Oh, hello human? Can I help you?” *Wag, wag* HA HA HA ISN’T THIS HILARIOUS?! Maggie, you are a funny puppy. XD


And that wasn’t even half of the random photography. Oops.

What photo(s) did you like the best?


P. S. Speaking of pets… we sold all our baby bunnies. *SNIFF!* It’s so sad, but thankfully we sold them all to very good, loving homes. We sold two of them (Lilac and Hank) to my aunt’s family, and the three others (Blackberry, Higgledy Piggledy, and Drover) to a lady who owns a petting zoo. Drover (renamed Pearl) already got to be in the petting zoo, and everyone loved her because she was soooo friendly! That’s our baby bunny. XD ♥ So now we are baby bunny-less. 😦 Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to do it again!

Nature Mandalas

Let me introduce you to some little mandalas I made.  They are very similar to the mandalas Michele made right here, but without the game part.  It’s a fun challenge to make a mandala with only one material.  You can just sit down somewhere and make one using whatever you have around you – grass, bark, leaves, stones, whatever!

The one below is made only with pieces of wood and mulch.

-Allison(fourth of July) 040

-Allison(fourth of July) 041

And for this one I just sat down on the sidewalk and used whatever I could reach.  You could also collect things from a nature walk and make these.

002 001

So how about giving it a go?  If you make any, I’d love to see pictures of them!

-Allison(fourth of July) 042

Hidden Pictures

We have a lot of unpainted wood in our house, and sometimes the grain of the wood makes a pattern or a picture.  I took photos of some of the best “hidden pictures” for you to see.  The first one is one we’ve known about for a while.

Can you find a happy piggy in this wood?2014-6-24-Allison 008

The next one can look like two things: an owl, or a cross-eyed pelican.  See if you can find both.

2014-6-24-Allison 010

I saved the best for last.  This one has lots of detail.  Can you find a bird that looks kind of like a female peacock in this picture?  Once you see it, it’s hard to look the picture and not see it.

2014-6-24-Allison 014

Did you find them all?  If you haven’t there are answers below.


The happy pig:

2014-6-24-Allison 009

The owl:2014-6-24-Allison 013

The cross-eyed pelican:2014-6-24-Allison 012

And last but not least, the peacock: (The head’s at the top)

2014-6-24-Allison 015

See if you can find hidden pictures in your house.