Winter Playlist + Aesthetics 2021

Hello, my friends!

I’m writing my post in a motorhome today because we’re on vacation at the moment! I thought maybe I’d have time to sort through my trip pictures so far and post some, but nope, sadly I didn’t. Stay tuned for a travel journal post next week. Meanwhile, here’s a winter playlist for you guys! I know winter can be a rather sad or depressing season for a lot of people, so today I picked out a few encouraging songs I’ve been enjoying recently to share with you guys. I hope this music brightens your day, whether it’s icy or sunny outside where you live. 🙂 Get some earbuds or a speaker and here we go!

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A Frosty Christmas Photoshoot + Playlist

Hello, dears!

AHHH MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😀 😀 😀 I’m scheduling this post so I can’t tell you about our celebrations yet, but I hope your day is/was wonderful!

Anyway, I wanted to post something Christmasy, so I decided to go with a wintry photoshoot along with some of my favorite Christmas songs. Enjoy, my friends! And if you want to read some Christmas short stories I’ve written, check the end of this post for links. 🙂

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