Happy Pups & Grumpy Cats

Hello, dears!

We recently visited our old farm and the area where we used to live because of some graduation parties, so I made use of the time to get plenty of cute pet pictures. 😉 I didn’t get many of Pebbles, sadly, but I did photograph my cousins’ adorable new  puppy and two of their three cats. I’m pretty pleased with how the photos turned out, and I hope you guys are too! Enjoy your daily dose of cuteness!

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Pebbles the Puppy

Hello, dears!

I hope you all had a wonderful, joyous Easter – I sure did! We spent the weekend at my grandparents’ house, where I took a bunch of photos of their adorable new St. Bernard puppy, Pebbles. She’s so happy and cute and rambunctious.

I think you guys are going to love these pictures! Puppies are hard to resist, and St. Bernard puppies are certainly no exception. ❤

So, ready to meet Pebbles?

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The Warm and the Fuzzy: Part 4

(To see the other episodes of Warm and Fuzzy, just type “The Warm and the Fuzzy” into my search bar. This browser doesn’t let me add links. Argh!)

WARNING: Read at your own risk! If you are prone to cuteness overload (ahem, you know who you are) you may want to skip this post. I don’t wish to cause any cuteness-related *dies* and *faints.* Thank you. You have been warned.

Drum roll please…

I present to you, the cutest St. Bernard puppies that ever lived! AWWWWWWWW! SQUEEEE! HEEEEELLP!

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 062 (1024x768)
JUST LOOK. AT THAT. FLUZZINESS! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! He’s like a great big squishy teddy bear! (The dog, I mean. Not my brother.)


-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 080
This is one of my favorites. You are very good at posing, my dear boy.

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 141 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 135 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 123 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 109 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 100 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 098 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 096 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 089 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 087 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 085 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 084 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 079 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 076 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 072 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 070 (1024x768)

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 066 (1024x768)

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 060 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 058 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 055 (1024x768)-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 053 (1024x768)

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 143 (1024x768)
And they’re exhausted. Puppy pile!

Oh. Yikes. A lot of you are down. Call the Emergency Cuteness Squad! Help! XD

I was going to ask whether you liked this post, but I think that’s kind of a rhetorical question.

You’re welcome.


P. S. I am happy to say that after getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday I am doing well, despite my uncanny resemblance to a chipmunk with a year’s supply of nuts in its mouth. 😛 Yesterday I seriously wasn’t sore – like at all – but today my cheeks kinda hurt. The pain medicine is keeping it bearable though. Plus I get to skip out on chores and play computer and eat jello! Oh YEAH! This is the life. XD Seriously though, it was way less painful than I thought. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers! ♥