The Art of Memory Keeping {Art Journal Inspiration}

Hello, my friends!

Do you ever collect random bits like brochures from trips, pressed flowers from your garden, and stickers you got in a letter, and then not know what to do with them? There’s a word for that stuff: ephemera. And there’s a place to put it: in a journal!

Instead of throwing it away or keeping it in a messy heap in a closet, I love preserving those memories in one book. I’ve been art journaling (or junk journaling or scrapbooking, depending on who you ask) for a couple years now and I absolutely love going back and looking through old entries.

If that sounds fun but you don’t know where to start, keep reading! Today I’m going to give you guys a peek into my own art journal to give you inspiration for creating your own. If you enjoy artsy stuff, you can make your journal a lot fancier and prettier than mine. If you don’t, you can simply stick in ephemera and photos and write a bit about them. It’s totally up to you.

Okay, enjoy this little dose of journaling inspiration!

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How to Make an Etcetera Journal

Hello, dears!

So, I’ve been working on my journal for months without knowing what it is, exactly. Hehe. It’s sort of a cross between a scrapbook, junk journal, art journal, and… something else. So I decided to call it an “etcetera journal” since that pretty much encompasses the anything-goes flavor of my process. 😀

Today I wanted to talk about etc. journaling as a unique way to preserve memories + a super fun way to be creative even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic.” I have a bunch of spreads to show you, from favorite quotes to simple collages to fun sketches and artwork. Ready for some journaling inspiration? Let’s go!

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10+ Ways to Fill a Notebook {Notebook Tours}

Hello, dears!

I hope you’re all staying healthy and having a good quarantine. 🙂 Today I thought it would be fun to collect most of my notebooks currently in use and give you guys a mini tour of them. Just in case you’re bored and need creative ideas of what to do, for instance. 😉

If you’ve ever wondered how to fill an empty notebook, sketchbook, or journal, keep reading! Here are over ten ideas that I use and enjoy myself.

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