The Bunnies Are Back {Extreme Cuteness Warning}

Hello, my friends!

As promised in my last post, I have a couple of new pets to introduce you to today! We recently got two sweet lionhead rabbits – one buck and one doe – that we’re going to breed. Ahh baby bunnies! I can’t wait! So anyway, I went out and took a bunch of pictures for you guys the other day, including photos of Basil and Lavender because they’re still cute too. 😉

I haven’t done a bunny post in ages, so I’m excited for this one! I hope you all enjoy. ❤

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Meet Nellie {Baby Goat Cuteness}

Hello, dears!

Just in case you’re tired of bad news, dire warnings, and thinking that the world is falling apart… here’s a little post to remind you there’s still happiness in the world. 🙂 In this case, it comes in the form of my little sister and her absolutely adorable new pet.

Carmen just bought a baby dwarf goat (so she’s extra tiny), named her Nellie, and HELP. THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD IS REAL. I will say that I normally don’t care for goats, but I’m not sure it’s possible to dislike Nellie. She’s the friendliest, sweetest goat I have ever encountered – she’s basically a dog or a cat – and… well, the pictures will have to do the rest. 😉

Ready for a smile?

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