WordCrafters: The Story Chain

Hey guys, I have some exciting news! I have created a sort of challenge thingy where bloggers can enter and write a story together, bit by bit. (Josie helped a lot with this challenge too. Thanks Josie!) The basic idea is this: One person starts a story, and other bloggers each add on to it until it is finished. Then we can read a whole story written by different people!

Here are the details. If you have read all of the rules and still feel confused, feel free to ask Josie or me your questions.


WordCrafters 3 (1280x1280)

You can sign up from today, January 2nd – January 14. Just drop Josie or me a comment saying that you want to sign up. Josie has created a character for me, and I’m going to start off the story using that character. Here is the character:

Name: Alalia Celinette

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Personality: Very shy, and loves to read.

What she thinks about: If magic were real

After I post the start of the story,  I will tag one of the people who signed up to continue it. You may optionally include an illustration or photograph of your own or from the web to go along with your part of the story. Try to finish your part within 3 days, and you don’t have to make it very long. More than a few sentences and less than a few pages would be good. Please make your story G-rated – no inappropriate language, violence, etc. (It is perfectly fine to have a character die, just don’t make it super gory.)

Both Josie and I will update a page on our blogs where you can read the story so far. After you finish your part of the story, just send Josie and me a link to your post, and we will add it to the WordCrafters page. On that page you will also see a numbered list of the people who signed up. I will make the list after the end of the signups by randomizing all of the people’s names and assigning them each a number, except Josie and I have already decided that I will start the story and Josie will end it. Tag the person after you on the list by dropping them a comment on their blog to let them know it’s their turn. (For instance, if you are the 3rd person on the list, tag the 4th person to continue the story after you.) I will post the first part of the story on January 15.

Oh, and one more thing: when you write your part of the story, you can put the WordCrafters button on your blog sidebar, if you like.

If you think one of your bloggy friends would like this challenge, please tell them, or reblog this post.

I can’t wait to see the finished story!


P. S. Now I have some sad news. Yoshi the rabbit and Coffee Bean the cat died just a couple of days ago. 😥 😥 Here is a picture of each of them for a “memorial.” *Sniff*


Bunny Therapy

What would we do without our bunnies to entertain us? We would probably be bored to death. I LOVE BUNNIES!

Ahem. Now, get ready for cuteness!


Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 007 (1280x960)
Lily in the warm embrace of Megan’s humongous bear.
Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 006 (1280x960)
“Why, oh why did they have to choose me?”



082 (1280x960)
Puffball or rabbit? Who knows…



059 (1280x960)
Please don’t tickle me! I beg you!



077 (1280x960)
Her eyes are sort of creepy and sort of beautiful. Olaf looks so calm and serene in this picture.



-Allison(Christmas tree and bunnies) 050 (1280x960)
Sorry for the blurriness, but isn’t he adorable?! Peek-a-bunny!



Diamond (919x735)
She’s as long as my sister Megan’s torso!



And last but definitely not least – Doesn’t she look hilarious?!

Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 055 (1280x960)
Oh yeah, Diamond is totally chilling out, dude.


And a bonus pic of Maggie and Coffee Bean – together! Maggie chases Jinx, our other cat, but Coffee Bean just sits there while Maggie noses him, so Maggie’s like, “What’s the use of chasing him if he won’t run?” It’s so funny!

003 (1280x960)
Maggie: “See, I’m a good puppy!”


Which picture was your favorite?


P.S. I will reveal the answers to the mystery pictures (see my last post) on Saturday. Thank you so much to all the people who already guessed! I’m so excited when I see a comment with guesses for mystery picture posts. 😀