Off the Deep End: Going Pond Swimming

Hello, dears!

This is a sad subject to talk about, but the truth is… we are in our last month of summer. *SNIIIIFF* As everyone knows, summer is for swimming, but as not everyone knows, we have sadly only gone swimming three times this year. The only pools we have are ponds and streams at our new farm, and one of those ponds is a mudhole while the other is usually covered in duckweed. Yay. However, we still managed to get wet and have fun!

So, in case you ever thought about going swimming in a pond or lake but simply didn’t know how to go about it, NEVER FEAR. I have gleaned much wisdom from the past three swimmings that I’m sure will come in handy. *nods gravely* XD XD XD Ahem. Continue reading

Of Snow, Ice, Snowmen, Puddles… Etc.

Guys, buckle up for a TON of pictures! This may be one of my longest posts to date. XD

It snowed last Monday/Tuesday, and I just went photo-wild. XD I got a few neat pictures of the snow, but most of the pictures were actually of icicles or ice. So anyway, have a seat and take a peek, won’t you?

Phew, I don’t know where to start! Let’s see. I guess I’ll start with some pretty, icy pictures.


tag (2) (1280x853)
It looks like rain drops only… ice drops!

tag (3) (1280x853)tag (4) (1280x853)tag (6) (1280x853)

tag (7) (1280x853)
Love this one!
tag (8) (1280x853)
The poor pussy willow buds got rather frozen. 😦

Next up…


tag (25) (1280x853)
It didn’t snow very much, but it still looked pretty!
tag (23) (1280x853)
tag (24) (1280x853)
Heh heh, I drew this horribly deformed smiley face in the snow with water.

My three youngest siblings made this hilarious but cute snowman. XD After I took these pictures, they made him a “Snow Cool” sign.

tag (28) (1280x853)
They used icicles for the mohawk, a carrot for the nose (obviously), sunglasses for the… uh, sunglasses ( XD ) and a smear of dirt for the mouth.

After most of that snow had melted, what do you know? It snowed AGAIN! (And then melted super quickly but oh well.) The most amazing thing about this snow was the snowflakes. I mean, they weren’t even snowflakes, they were more like snowballs! They were the biggest flakes I have ever seen – a whole bunch of snowflakes bunched into a clump, some of which were quarter-sized or bigger. I tried frantically to get a good picture that showed how big they were, but I didn’t really get any. 😦 I did get some pretty pictures, though!

tag (3)
We have a nice view of this silo from our deck. 😀
tag (4)
There you can kind of see how hard it was snowing!
tag (6)
Fluffy. 🙂

Ooh, yay! Now I get to show you the…


After we finished gathering eggs, I ran back to the house to get my camera. I noticed the lovely icicles hanging from the chicken house roofs, and I just HAD to get some pictures. 😉 I’m so glad I did! It took quite a bit of patience and a high shutter speed setting to capture the drops falling, but I had SO much fun experimenting!

tag (9) (1280x853)tag (10) (1280x853)tag (11) (1280x853)tag (12) (1280x853)

tag (13) (1280x853)
Woohoo, two at once!

tag (14) (1280x853)

These icicles are on our house, and I took this picture at sunset.

tag (2)

And that leads us to…

Water Drops

After I had taken quite a few icicle photos, I noticed that the drops sliding off of them were splashing into a puddle. I decided it would be fun to take pictures of that too! Instead of kneeling down in the wet snow, though, I got a (rather dirty) measuring pitcher from the chicken house, brought out something to sit on, and started taking pictures. This also took quite a bit of patience, like the icicles. I got a whole bunch of blurry or boring pictures for every good one. But again, it was so exciting when I DID get a good one! Hee hee!

(Note: I edited these pictures a good bit – they didn’t look like this straight from the camera. 😉 )

drop 1drop 4drop 5drop 6

And now for my very favorite one. ♥ Ohhh my goodness I love it so much!

drop 2

And last but not least, we have…

Everything Else

I took several not-so-snowy pictures that I wanted to include too.

Quite a few robins were hopping around this puddle, waiting for spring to come, I guess. 🙂

robin 1
I love how you can see his reflection.
robin 2
This was a fun one! I made everything black and white except for the robin’s pop of color.

robin 3

I was pretty tickled to get this next picture. I saw two robins fighting in the puddle all of a sudden and quick pressed the button – and it actually worked! I love it when that happens. 🙂


tag (33) (1280x853)
This is neat, don’t you think?
tag (29) (1280x853)
I rather like this one too.

I shall end with this promise of spring. This poor little beauty was stuck face down in the snow when I rescued her, but she’s still so bright and cheery for all that! Daffodils are such incredibly hardy, resilient flowers that can spring back after even such cold trials as this snow. Sometimes it’s hard to be a daffodil, isn’t it? It is for me…

tag (36) (1280x853)

Aaaaannnd I’m finished! Maybe it wasn’t so wise to put all those pictures in one post, but I just wanted to try and see how it worked. XD What do you think? Was that way too much or did you heartily enjoy seeing all those photos at once? Or are you indifferent? XD

If you actually got through the whole thing, which category or picture was your favorite?

Thanks for reading (and persevering)!


How to Sled Without Snow

I hope you guys had an excellent Christmas! And I had a wonderful Christmas – thank you for asking! 😉 I can’t believe it’s already over, but we still have two Christmas parties to go to, so I guess it isn’t really…

Ahem. Onto the post. The other day Megan and Carmen and my cousin and I went sledding, and it was so much fun! But the other detail you need to know is that there was zero snow on the ground.

So, are you puzzled, bewildered, and otherwise confused? Or did the featured image give it away? Oh bother. XD

Well, there’s this pile of fluff a.k.a. cotton seeds in one of our barns, and it turns out its excellent for sledding on! It’s packable like snow, but not nearly as cold. 😉 (If you would like to learn more about the cotton pile, click here.)

There happens to be quite a large, steep pile in the barn at the moment, which is perfect for sledding.



I love the manual aperture option on my new camera because I can blurr backgrounds like this! ♥


While we were sledding I got several funny pictures and only like two great ones. We made up a bunch of different “moves” like riding backwards with your eyes closed, or going down on your stomach versus sitting up or laying down, etc. It was like a mini roller coaster ride! The one variation that was hardest to master was sitting “sidesaddle.” Everyone who tried it flipped off and crashed except for my little sister Carmen – probably because she was the lightest. XD


Super blurry but in kind of a neat way. Ha ha, look at Carmen’s expression. XD XD


This is probably my favorite picture! Carmen kind of slid off the sled on her way down… XD
And apparently so did Megan…
There we go. Much better. Ha ha, her expression! XD


 Before we sledded (slid? slided?) my sister Megan and I went over to inspect some pigeons sitting on the haybales across the room. One poor little bird was so scared it let Megan pick him up, so I got some fairly close-up pictures. Pigeons have actually a pretty neat feather pattern, but their eyes are weird. XD And not to mention they’re messy…
Somehow I think this looks kind of pretty – kind of soft, if you know what I mean. Or maybe not…
That is one creepy stare. XD
Megan will pretty much pick up any animal, be it bug, bird, or beast. 😛
Poor thing, it was so scared. But don’t worry, we let it go after we finished taking pictures.


Have you gone sledding for real yet? Does sledding in the cotton pile look like a fun substitute?


P. S. I have a bunch of posts I need want to post. XD There’s a Christmas post with the gifts I made and the gifts I received, a post with a collection of some of my recent art, another post about these adorable kittens, and a year-in-review post! 😀 Which one of those are you looking forward to the most?

BIPBC #6: Epic Puddle Splashing + Random Pics

Howdy, and welcome to Allison’s BIBPC entry #6! XD The theme this time was “Action”! Behold, action! (I’m entering the first picture.)

Allison- 2014-05-06 004 (2) (1280x960)Allison- 2014-05-06 001 (1280x960)

Ha ha, isn’t that great!

Story behind the picture: I took this a couple of years ago after there was a flash flood which resulted in ginormous puddles near our creek! (Another time, I don’t know if it was that time, we floated down the flash-flood-swollen creek in an inner tube. Which proceeded to pop. XD XD XD ) My siblings thought it would be neat if I could take pictures of them splooshing through the water, and they were right! In the picture I’m entering, Megan and Jefferson are glorying in mud-puddle bliss. Look at the expression on Jeff’s face! (If you can see it.) Pure joy. 😀 Oh, and I think it was this same flash-flood when the boys drove our three-wheeler through the water. XD Ahh, good times.

Since this is a pretty short post, I thought I’d add a few more random photos I took recently.

003 (1280x960)
Maggie rolling her cares away. XD She looks like a headless dog. O.o
-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 032 (1280x960)
A random picture of gone-to-seed asparagus. XD
-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 016 (1280x960)
Willow my adorable fluffy rabbit! ♥
009 (1280x960)
Dandelion in the golden sun
005 (1280x960)
Gorgeous spring-green leaves!

Which picture was your favorite?

Have a good great amazing STUPENDOUS day! 😀 ♥