Sketchbook Tour February 2020

Hello, dears! Hurrah, I’ve finished a sketchbook! This one took me about five months to complete, so yeah… it’s been a while since my last sketchbook tour. 😉 I practiced a lot of portraits and watercolor painting in here and made some pieces I’m really proud of as well as some pages I’m not so […]

Notebook Therapy Reviews + Journaling

Hello, dears! Yayyy, I’m so excited for my second Notebook Therapy review post! After my first one, they contacted me and asked if I wanted to review more things and I was like… YES PLEASE. They sent me these journals, a pencil case, and a new tote bag for free in exchange for this review, […]

Farewell, 2019 {My Year in Review}

Hello, dears! It’s time for my annual huge New Year’s post! 😀 Today I’m gonna be reviewing the biggest events of my 2019; a short list of favorite books and music; blog stats; and, of course, my goals and resolutions! I love looking back on these posts. Every time, my past self looks a little […]

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. :)

Hello, dears! Ahh, I finally get tell you guys about one of the highlights of my entire year: my best friend, Aria, got ENGAGED! And I got to be there! 😀 This was my first (and possibly last time) photographing a proposal, and OH MY, it was epic! Today I’m going to dump tons of […]

GIVEAWAY WINNER + Cozy Fall Playlist

Hello, dears! Today is an exciting day, because I’m about to reveal the winner of my book launch giveaway, YAYYY! 😀 For those of you who didn’t win, I will provide links to most of the things in the giveaway in case you’d like to get them yourselves. I’m also going to do another seasonal […]

Art Dump + Sketchbook Tour!

Hello, dears! YAYYYYY, another art post! Since my last sketchbook post in June, I’ve basically finished one sketchbook plus worked on a couple of others I have. I’ve made SO MUCH ART since the last post that it would take far too long to show you individual pictures of all of it – so I […]

Of Birthdays, Cake, and Lots of Yellow

Hello, dears! My sister Megan recently had a birthday which involved cake, friends, a scavenger hunt, and TONS of yellow. It also involved me, the sister who took probably hundreds of pictures because it was so much fun to capture the joy and laughter, plus the pretty party decorations. 😛 If you like cake, yellow, […]

Envelope Art + Letter Accessories

Hello, dears! My, it’s been a while since my last pen pal or art post, hasn’t it? I think it’s time for some more decorated envelope inspiration today. 🙂 Enjoy browsing through my recent pen pal art, accompanied by tips for fun extra things to include in your letters as well as how to create […]

Sweet Sixteen Barn Dance

Hello, dears! Remember how one of our friends had a barn dance at our shop last year for her birthday party? Well, this year we did it again and it was SO much fun! The shop was a mess, so it was a good thing we had a dance motivating us to clean it up. […]

Golden Hour Walk + My Favorite Music

Hello, dears! Last Saturday evening I decided to wander around our farm and take some pictures, and I’m so glad I did! The woods and fields looked so peaceful and gorgeous in the golden light. ❤ Since the lighting was perfect, I focused on adjusting the settings in the moment to capture beauty without having […]