Adventures in Christmasing, 2019

Hello, dears!

My, it feels like a while since my last post. I like the new schedule. 😛 I’m also quite happy to be back and showing you guys some of the MANY photos I took over the past holidays.

We’re gonna cover weird cats, cute dogs, cute little humans, a pretty moon… actually most of these photos don’t look Christmasy at all; I just happened to take them at one of our four Christmas celebrations. 😉 Enjoy this collection of random bits of joy!

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Farewell, 2019 {My Year in Review}

Hello, dears!

It’s time for my annual huge New Year’s post! 😀 Today I’m gonna be reviewing the biggest events of my 2019; a short list of favorite books and music; blog stats; and, of course, my goals and resolutions! I love looking back on these posts. Every time, my past self looks a little strange, God’s grace clearly abounds and overflows, and the memories bring me back to times I hope I never forget.

Although there weren’t as many dramatic highs and lows as last year, 2019 was a good year for me, and I grew a lot (not physically 😉 ). God led me through several things that stretched me out of my comfort zone and made me depend completely on him because I obviously couldn’t do it myself. And he was faithful. He always is, and yet somehow I still doubt that again and again. *sigh* What a merciful Lord we have, don’t we?

Anyway. Let’s get into the post before the intro gets any longer. XD Right this way, please!

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Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. :)

Hello, dears! Ahh, I finally get tell you guys about one of the highlights of my entire year: my best friend, Aria, got ENGAGED! And I got to be there! 😀 This was my first (and possibly last time) photographing a proposal, and OH MY, it was epic! Today I’m going to dump tons of photos of my beautiful friends while telling you guys the story from my point of view. 🙂 Make sure to check out Aria’s lifestyle blog and photo blog to see her posts first if you haven’t! AHHH YAYY. Every time I think of this, I smile, so I think my face is going to hurt by the end of this post. XD Anyway, are you ready for a long, excitement-filled post? Let’s do this! Continue reading

Recent Bible Journaling + Lettering Tips

Hello, dears!

I just finished another Bible journal, so I thought today I’d show you some of my favorite verses and pages from it! 🙂 If you recall from my other Bible journal posts, right now I’m rereading the Bible, one chapter at a time, and copying down my favorite verse from each chapter in a notebook, theoretically with pretty lettering, although it doesn’t always turn out that way. 😛 I love looking back at the verses I wrote out in the past and reflecting on them in these posts!

Ready for some encouraging Bible verses and pretty lettering inspiration? Let’s get started!

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Explore with Me 002 | Sunset Silhouettes

Hello, dears!

It feels like I haven’t done a sunset post in AGES! Remember when I used to do them all the time? I should get back into photographing them more because ahhh! Sunsets! Enough said.

Before we start, a note: I made this series to motivate myself (and you!) to get outside even on days when it seems so much more productive and useful to stay in front of the computer. I don’t know about you, but can only stare at a screen for so long before my brain starts getting frizzy. :’D So! I shall take you with me on a walk around our farm, adding in a little twist or art/photography prompt that you can try too. 🙂

Today we’ll be looking for interesting ways to capture the colors of sunsets other than just taking a picture of the sunset itself. (Future Allison: LIKE FRED! AND AUGUSTUS!)

Ahem. Onwards!

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Double Exposure + Experimenting with Self Portraits

Hello, dears!

I had so much fun making this post and editing the pictures for today! A few weeks ago, I spent a while practicing self portrait photography because I found a spot of beautiful lighting in our house and wanted to use it somehow. 😛 I went a little overboard with the editing, ending up with some pretty and unique double exposures and black and white photos.

I hope you enjoy these experiments, and maybe get some inspiration for creative ways to edit portraits (your own or of others)!

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