Recent Bible Journaling + Lettering Tips

Hello, dears! I just finished another Bible journal, so I thought today I’d show you some of my favorite verses and pages from it! 🙂 If you recall from my other Bible journal posts, right now I’m rereading the Bible, one chapter at a time, and copying down my favorite verse from each chapter in […]

Spark {My Poem Book #2}

I published Spark in fall of 2019 because I couldn’t stop writing free verse poetry after my first book! By the time a year had rolled around, I had 100+ poems to compile. Check out the pictures and the posts below to learn about the book, read poetry snippets, and find out more about my […]

Envelope Art + Letter Accessories

Hello, dears! My, it’s been a while since my last pen pal or art post, hasn’t it? I think it’s time for some more decorated envelope inspiration today. 🙂 Enjoy browsing through my recent pen pal art, accompanied by tips for fun extra things to include in your letters as well as how to create […]

Blind Rainbow {Aesthetics + Poems}

Hello, dears! ***NOTE: I had to re-publish this a couple of times since WordPress wasn’t cooperating. Sorry if you’ve seen it more than once!*** Anyway. Here’s an interesting question: how would you describe your favorite color to a blind person? It’s HARD, isn’t it? I tried writing a description of my favorite color without the […]

Bible Journaling {Psalms}

Hello, dears! Almost every night I read a chapter of the Bible and copy down my favorite verse in a little notebook. I’ve been doing this for years while reading through the Bible a second time, and I’m happy to say I recently completed the book of Psalms! I thought I’d post a selection of […]

Pretty Purple Bullet Journal Tour

Hello, dears! I recently filled up my last bullet journal and got to start a new one – YAY! It’s so much fun to set up a new bujo, isn’t it? Since purple is my favorite color, I decided to go all out and make EVERYTHING violet-toned. I loooove how it turned out, and I […]

The Library {Indoor Photography}

Hello, dears! Today I have a different sort of photoshoot for you. While I was taking pictures for my Day in the Life post, I found a bunch of interesting subjects in our library and just kept snapping as I walked around. 😛 I usually prefer nature photography, but it was fun to capture the […]

A Day in the Life…

Hello, dears! “Day in the life” posts are so fun to read, aren’t they? Since I enjoy reading them, I thought I’d better get on it and make one myself. 🙂  Instead of documenting an actual entire day, I reconstructed what a normal day looks like for me. Well, okay… many days I’ll do errands, […]