Exploring New Orleans {Road Trip Travel Journal, Pt. 4}

Hello, my friends! Well, this is it – the last post in my vacation series! Today we’re going to visit New Orleans, specifically the French Quarter. I am NOT a city girl and usually don’t enjoy touring cities that much, but this was such a neat experience, oh my goodness! I loved it. Read on […]

5 Fun Road Trip Games

Summer is the season for road trips!  Here is a collection of some fun games you can play while driving. 1.  Pink Toads – One person is “it.”  The other players take turns asking the “it” person questions, to which he can only answer “pink toads.”  If he laughs, the person who asked the question that made […]

Etcetera #15 {Doughnut Making, a Spring Festival, and Old Hotels}

Hello, my friends! Get ready for a LOT of pictures today because I haven’t done one of these miscellaneous photography posts in five months! I still haven’t shared small adventures from way back in December, like making doughnuts and going on a rather spontaneous road-trip. Not to mention more recent events like a spring festival […]

Winter Playlist + Aesthetics 2021

Hello, my friends! I’m writing my post in a motorhome today because we’re on vacation at the moment! I thought maybe I’d have time to sort through my trip pictures so far and post some, but nope, sadly I didn’t. Stay tuned for a travel journal post next week. Meanwhile, here’s a winter playlist for […]

Stars & Snowflakes

Hello, my friends! Today I have a somewhat incongruous collection of photos for you, hehe. I did a little more star photography the other night, and also got some macro snowflake pictures on one of our many recent snows! Instead of making two tiny posts, I decided to smush the photoshoots together for your enjoyment. […]

15 Stuck at Home Boredom Busters

Hello, dears! Are you guys self-quarantined? And are you getting bored of it yet? Phones and computers are fun for a while, but I hope that’s not all we’ll do for weeks or months while we’re stuck inside! Today I’ve brainstormed some ideas of interesting activities that don’t require public places, large amounts of people, […]

Vacation 2019 {Part 1}

Hello, dears! Last week, my family and I went on vacation to North Carolina. We had a lovely time, both staying at our vacation house, and visiting my friend Aria and her family (but more on that next time 😉 ). Today I’m going to be posting about the first couple of days, including some […]