Samantha & Graham {Wedding Photography}

Hello friends! Get ready for a lovely and very long post full of pretty photos from the wedding of two of my dear friends. I got to be Sam and Graham’s wedding photographer (ah!) and although it was kind of exhausting, I had a ton of fun and I’m really pleased with the photos we […]

Easter Walks & Green Truck Rides

Hello friends! This post is full of happy memories from this Easter weekend. Christ’s resurrection is such a joy-filled, awe-inspiring thing, and I got to experience more of that wonder just being out in God’s beautiful creation with my friends and family. ❤ Read on for a hilarious and memorable green truck ride with cousins, […]

Chessie & Logan {Couples Photoshoot}

Hello friends! I have a super cute photoshoot for you guys today featuring my brother Logan and his girlfriend Chessie. Logan asked me to take pictures of the two of them for a gift for Chessie, which I thought was such a sweet idea! It makes me so happy seeing my brother and my friend […]

Carmen & Nellie {a Photoshoot}

Hello friends! Are you ready for some cuteness today? My youngest sister Carmen asked I could take pictures of her and her goat Nellie. I was happy to do so since goodness, it’s been so long since their last photoshoot! This whole photo session was completed in about 20 minutes, between some friends leaving after […]

Q&A – Sully and Allison

Hello, friends! This post was so fun to make! Sully came over and we sat on the couch, ate jellybeans, and took turns typing out our answers. Well, we collaborated on some until Sully wrote something weird and I was like WAIT WHAT I DO NOT APPROVE TAKE MY INITIAL OFF. :’D Ohhh, Sully. *shakes […]

How to Stay Motivated {Energize, Recharge, & Relax}

Hello, my friends! I’m posting something a bit more practical today – a few tips for staying motivated and getting work done, since I think that’s something we all struggle with. Also tips on how to take constructive work breaks instead of getting sucked into social media… And also some pretty flower pictures because of […]