Pet Photography, Part 1: Donkeys, Bunnies, Etc.

Hello, dears! Knowing that a) you guys usually love animal photography and b) I haven’t taken bunny pictures in a while, I went out this morning and took a bunch of pictures of all of our pets toΒ  provide your daily dose of cuteness! πŸ™‚ We apparently have too many pets to fit in one […]

Morning Light Photography

Hello, dears! Today I have some more lovely light photography for you! Instead of a photoshoot at golden hour, I took these in the morning. Sometimes I go outside to feed the rabbits or something and find too much beauty to leave unphotographed, which naturally means I postpone my other plans and take some pictures […]

After the Rain: Garden Photography

Hello, dears! These kinds of posts are some of my favorite to make, as you might know if you’ve been around here a while. πŸ˜‰ Today I have a bunch of pretty nature photography for you, including butterflies, flowers, and raindrops found in our garden. I took these photos the day after a glorious, answer-to-prayer […]

The Library {Indoor Photography}

Hello, dears! Today I have a different sort of photoshoot for you. While I was taking pictures for my Day in the Life post, I found a bunch of interesting subjects in our library and just kept snapping as I walked around. πŸ˜› I usually prefer nature photography, but it was fun to capture the […]

Made New {Spring Photography}

Hello, dears! Today I have even more spring photos for you! Are you shocked? I thought not. But spring is my favorite season and it’s just so photogenic… *sighs happily* I went through the past few weeks of photography and picked my favorites from several different mini shoots to combine into one post. I love […]

Walking in a Winter Wonderland {Snow Photography}

Hello, dears! Guess what? Last Sunday we got eleven inches of snow, AHHHHH! Since church was canceled and it was Mom’s birthday, we just stayed home and had possibly the best snow day ever. IT WAS MARVELOUS. I took heaps and piles of snow pictures, and I can’t wait to show you a selection of […]

Fall Colors {Autumn Photography}

Hello, dears! I hear tell it’s getting CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS. Do you think the rumors are true? XD Since itΒ is still November, I thought I’d show you guys some last fall photos I haven’t posted yet before the advent countdown officially begins. I absolutely LOVE how some of these turned out, and I hope you […]