Random Pictures and Other Fun Stuff

Hello, and welcome to this rather random post. (Thus the title.) But hey, occasional random posts are good for the soul, am I right? (Uh no, Allison, you’re wrong. Eh, who cares. XD ) Cows… Flowers… Baby bird… Feathers I drew and printed out and colored and cut out and punched holes in and hung […]

Fairly Fun! {{Fair Entries 2016}}

For those of you (like Christian Homeschooler*wink*) who¬†wanted to know how our county fair turned out and if we won any ribbons, behold, a fair post. ūüėÄ First of all, these are the things I entered in the fair: Cross stitch cousins (from this post) Blue jay painting Clay dragon (see the Etsy listing here) […]

Birthday Stuff Reviews :D

I finally finished this birthday haul post a month after my birthday. XD It’s not really a birthday haul post, actually. It’s more just reviews of¬†some of the things I got for my¬†birthday.¬†Get ready for a really long post! ____________________________________________________ Mysterious Benedict Society Series: Click here to see the Amazon listing (The link is for […]

Path-Breakers (and Other Woodsy Stuff)

We were¬†recently at¬†my grandparents’ house for three days while my parents when on an anniversary trip, and during that time we made ourselves a path through their woods. It was so fun! (But, heh heh, I had to pay for it – my face is half covered in poison ivy rash now.¬†Yeah. But it’s not […]

Fun with Ivory Soap

It’s amazing what you can do with an ordinary bar of¬†Ivory soap.¬† You can explode it,¬†smash it, make it into dough, or even make — who would guess?– more soap? The idea of exploding Ivory soap was from¬†Pinterest, but I¬†made up some more fun stuff to do with the puffed up soap. The fun begins […]

How to Make Your Own Stamps & Stickers

Hello, dears! I recently discovered how easy it is to make your own stamps and use them to decorate all sorts of things – wrapping paper, envelopes, stickers, etc. I decided to make a tutorial for you guys so you can enjoy it too!¬†This is a great craft to do with younger kids. I used […]

Bujos, Bags, & Bunnies {ft. Notebook Therapy}

Hello, dears! HOORAY, I’ve been looking forward to making this post for a long time and now it’s finally here! I think you guys will enjoy this one, because… aesthetic photography! Beautiful bujos! Cute bags! BUNNIES! I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Notebook Therapy today to bring you some aesthetic gift inspiration for yourself or […]

Best Friends Q&A + Pictures

Hello, dears!

About a month ago I got the chance to visit my dear friend, Aria, and see her family’s lovely farm. We had a wonderful time together, and this time we made sure to take PLENTY of pictures. XD Aria suggested doing a BFF Q&A to go along with them, and I agreed it sounded fun. So here we are! Get ready for some pretty fall photography and some fun answers to you guys’ questions. ūüėČ After you’re done here, make sure and hop over to Aria’s blog to check out thirteen more questions and answers!

Planner vs. Bullet Journal: Which Is Better?

Hello, dears! As you guys might know, I’ve used and loved bullet journaling for a long time – at least since 2017. But I decided that I’m not going to use a bujo next year. O.o Instead, I’m going to use a planner… that I designed! In this post, I shall go through some pros […]

15+ Ways to Art Journal {+Journal Tour!}

Hello, dears! I’ve been looking forward to making this post for… well, I guess over a year! I first started this art journal in February 2019 and finished it May 2020. I haven’t shown you the process of filling it up because it was a surprise! I actually made this as a gift for my […]