Explore with Me 004 | Nature Art

Hello, dears! Phew, I’ve been thinking about this post for months, so I’m quite happy to finally be making it! This might be my favorite idea so far in this series. *rubs hands* In case you’re wondering, I started this series to motivate myself (and you!) to get outside and have something interesting unique or […]

Explore with Me 001 | Golden Hour Walk

Hello, dears! I don’t know about you, but I spend WAY too much time on the computer. I could give a lot of good excuses, some of which are legitimate, but still, the fact remains. I do love being outside and especially exploring our land with my family, but I don’t have much motivation to […]

15 Stuck at Home Boredom Busters

Hello, dears! Are you guys self-quarantined? And are you getting bored of it yet? Phones and computers are fun for a while, but I hope that’s not all we’ll do for weeks or months while we’re stuck inside! Today I’ve brainstormed some ideas of interesting activities that don’t require public places, large amounts of people, […]

In Which I Meet a Pen Pal

Hello, dears! GUESS WHAT? I recently got to meet one of my pen pals and blogger friends, the amazing Charis Rae! She and her family visited our farm and spent the night in our guest house last week, and we all had SO much fun together, ahhh! Charis is pen pals with Megan and I, […]


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! *Gasp, wheeze, puff* I have… 1,002 FOLLOWERSSSSS!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? THANK YOU GUYS SO VERY, EXTREMELY, TERRIFICALLY, ETC. MUCH! *Takes a deep breath* Phew. Guys. This is sooo amazing! I don’t know what else to say. Wheeeee! Of course I’ll have to do something exciting for this, right?! Let me think… […]

Dorothy Explores

Hey guys! Back in this post when I first showed you the doll I made, I said I would do a photoshoot of her sometime. Well, here you are! And by the way, I named her Dorothy. 🙂 Like from Wizard of Oz, you know? First, Dorothy stopped to smell the roses. She’s quite the […]

{Weathered Wood}

Hello, dears! So, remember the old shed in this post? Well, I took a bunch more pictures of it and decided to post them today. All these photos will be in black and white because I thought it fit with with the age and structure of the subject, but don’t worry – it was foggy […]