Farewell, 2018 {Yearly Wrap-Up}

Hello, dears! How was your Christmas? Mine was a little different than normal, but still wonderful. 🙂 We had 5 celebrations with different parts of the family, caroled at a nursing home, had a beautiful Christmas Eve service, were blessed with many fun gifts, and ate WAY too much good food. XD Now, the post. […]

A Trip to the County Fair

Hello, dears! We recently went back to where we used to live for some family reunions and a trip to the county fair! Even though I didn’t enter anything this year (see P. S. at end of post), we still had a ton of fun and made some great memories. 🙂 Also I got some […]

ART STUDIO {Part 1 + Photowall Review}

GUYS GUYS GUYS I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED. Because, as you probably guessed, I’M GETTING AN ART STUDIO. 😀 I have wanted my own space for arts and crafts for practically forever, and I can’t believe I finally get to have one! My new studio is actually in a closet. XD We definitely don’t need […]

3,000 Followers GIVEAWAY!

(Despite what the title seems to proclaim, no, I am not giving away three thousand followers. Sorry about that.) AHEM. I am very excited to announce a pretty…. um, exciting giveaway in honor of reaching over 3,000 followers! AHH I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT! You guys are even more amazing than the giveaway. 😀 ♥ I expounded […]

How to Edit Photos, Part 1: The Basics

Hey, guys! 😀 Grace recently wondered if I could do a tutorial on how to edit photos, and I thought that was a great idea! I decided to make this a mini-series, covering basic photo editing, adding effects, touching up photos of people, and maybe a little bit of graphic design and collaging too. I’m really excited! Anyway, let’s get started. Today I’m going […]

1,000 Followers Giveaway!

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT, GUYSSSS! 1,000 FOLLOWERS! EXCEPT BECAUSE I TOOK SO LONG TO POST THIS, NOW IT’S 1,190 FOLLOWERS!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS! Just think… before being featured on WordPress Discover, I had 150 followers. That’s really pretty great! And now…. *GASP* It’s simply amazing. Thank you all soooooo, so much! You guys are one of my top favorite […]

Sisters Q&A: Part 2

In my last post I did a poll of what post to do next, and you guys chose… Sisters Q&A! So voila! Welcome back to Sisters Q&A part 2. In case you’re new to this little series, here’s how it works: You guys have asked us questions, and Megan and I are going to answer […]

Sisters Q&A: Part 1

I’m so excited to present this Sisters Q&A! Megan and I are going to answer your questions – but for the other person. So I wrote out my answers on a separate page from Megan’s guesses, and then we combined them like this… Let’s see how well Megan knows me. 😉 XD TheOriginalPhoenix Why do […]