Sunset + WILLOW GIF!

The other night there was a really beautiful sunset, but more importantly – WILLOW IS ADORABLE! Ahem. Sorry. It’s just that I made an adorable GIF of adorable Willow waddling adorable over the floor. She usually hops, but occasionally she waddles, and it is… So. Cute.

But first, the sunset pictures. It really was a beautiful sunset, although probably not quite as beautiful as this one. ← That sunset (which was actually about a year ago now) was probably my favorite sunset ever. It was gorgeous! But, not to offend this sunset, it too was gorgeous, just in a different way. Sooo….

-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 009 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 001 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 005 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 003 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 010 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 012

Wasn’t that purty?

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I present…. Willow the rabbit!









willow walking gif

Awww, my sweet little flufferpuff! Do you know you’re adorable?!


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